Everything You Need To Know About Cookie Swirl C

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The excitement that kids show when they receive a gift and upon tearing it open, find a squeaky new toy is ecstatic. Whatever the occasion may be, the giver becomes the best person in the world until a better gift comes their way. Cookie Swirl C is one lucky girl who gets to open up new toys and games every day or rather, tons of new toys and games. Cookie goes on and on over her toys and is clearly in love with them, nothing seems to please her more.

The very idea of new toys every single day piques curiosity, who exactly is Cookie Swirl C? Let’s find out…

Cookie Swirl C Bio

Cookie Swirl C is an American named Candace who has managed to win the hearts of thousands and thousands of kids almost like Santa Claus. Records have it that she was born on the 14th of March 1997. The California-born damsel had her high school education in her locality.

Candace has a way with voices, she can switch her voice into several beautiful characters and this has helped her so far. In 2013, she set up shop as a vlogger and opened a YouTube channel where she does nothing that doesn’t revolve around kids, toys, and games. She tells such beautiful make-believe stories that are difficult to resist and ooh yes, the kids love her. We are sure your kids do!

If you are new to the parent game or a new aunt/uncle looking to win the heart of a bubbly child, then look no further than her channel because she has all the great tips on what toy or game set to buy. On every video, she is seen opening a new toy or game and cooing so lovingly over them. She also shares interesting videos on Shopkins, Barbie, Monster High, My Little Pony, LOL Surprise, Frozen and a whole lot more.

Her YouTube channel is now a hit among kids and her fame has risen up over the years. This kids’ star has a whopping +10 million count on subscribers and even ranks in the top 5% of YouTube’s family and children channel preferred by Google. She uses no swear or cuss word on her videos and this makes her channel 100% family/kids friendly. On Instagram, Cookie has a raging +359,000 followers.

It has been said that what Candace does is more of commercial stunts but it isn’t. She simply loves toys! Cookie has been known to gift out those toys to charities like Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary and WEAVE. She also holds random giveaways for followers.

Things You Need To Know About Her

1. How It All Began

Did you know that Cookie Swirl C had a huge love for horses as a kid? She loved riding and reading about them. As she grew, she developed a very creative imagination and could draw up a bunch of ideas. In 2007, she decided to share this love with fellow horse lovers and others and created her first YouTube channel, HoneyheartsC. The channel where she posts horse-related content and sweet reviews about horse toys is still active to date.

In 2013, Candace started another channel, CookieSwirlC, as a means of sharing her love for other toys and kids game. She believes it is a positive way of building children’s imagination and helping their creative abilities. This channel is reserved for all fun surrounding toys, games, shopping for more toys, creative DIY projects, and even sumptuous cooking. The appreciation and letters which she gets from fans and parents help her know that she is on the right track and she holds them dearly.

2. Her Pets

Yes, Cookie has pets, several of them. She has lots of fishes, a cat, and a horse. No, that’s not all; she also has two ponies and three rat terrier dogs. The YouTube star definitely has a heart for animals!

Let’s ask you this here; are you aware that Cookie Swirl C plays ROBLOX and Animal Jam? Her usernames are PlayCookiePlay and Miniswirl respectively.


3. Cookie Swirl C’s Net Worth

Several sources have it that Cookie Swirl C has a net worth of about $10 million. While we aren’t certain about this, we do know that it is very possible considering her fame and the height she has attained as a vlogger. In addition to that, she has merchandise for sale which includes t-shirts, hoodies, bodysuits, shirts and more.

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