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Faze Adapt is one of the members of the FaZe Youtubers, a group that vlogs and posts creative skits about video games, chiefly Call of Duty. The group originates from the Faze Clan, an esports organization that competes in a variety of video games. Though Faze Adapt began by posting tips about call of duty he has since spiced up his ADAPT YouTube channel by posting about other stuff, from pranks featuring his kid sister Milan, sketches, as well as challenges. As of this writing, Faze Adapt boasts over 4.7 million subscribers on his YouTube page.

Faze Adapt Bio (Age and Other Background Info)

Faze Adapt was born as Alex Hamilton Prynkiewicz on June 5, 1997, in Arizona to parents Paul Prynkiewicz, an attorney, and Nancy Prynkiewicz. The only son of the family, Alex has four sisters including Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Vienna.

Alex loved gaming as a child and dedicated hours into it, often waking up at night to play while his parents were asleep. As the story goes, he saved up his lunch money to buy Call of Duty and when the store refused to sell to him because of the M (mature) rating, Alex convinced his parents to get him the game, little did they know that their son would make a profession out of it.

Alex played Call of Duty anytime he could and soon became a member of SOARGaming. Following in the footsteps of other popular online gamers, Alex set up a Youtube channel and began posting shot secrets he had discovered from playing the game.

While still a junior at Pinnacle High School, elite gaming organization FaZe Clan came knocking. Alex gladly opened his doors and like every member of the clan he adopted the Faze name and became known as Faze Adapt. As part of the FaZe Clan, Adapt saw his followership surge to over 100,000 subscribers every month.

His parents who were initially skeptical about his seriousness with gaming came to know how famous their kid was during a family trip to Disneyland where young kids were trying to get pictures with him. Then Alex was blown away by his own fame when he arranged a meet-up via Twitter and despite being impromptu, hundreds of his fans turned up from far and near.

Though his parents couldn’t be prouder of his achievements, they can’t help but suggest he considers going to college as they are not sure how long his fame would last. However Faze Adapt, whose fan following keeps growing has told mom and dad that college can wait.

Net Worth

As the world has come to know, there is huge money in anything that involves the internet. Faze Adapt’s almost 5 million subscribers means that sponsors and advertisers are queuing up for his services. The first money he ever made from gaming was $150, paid straight into a PayPal account he had asked his dad to set up.

To his parents’ shock, that amount grew to thousands per month. Like most members of the Faze clan, Faze Adapt has his own clothing line, which is being sold on the official Faze clan store. He bolsters his YouTube money with proceeds from the line. Faze Adapt is sure living like a king. He owns a Nissan GTR, one of the most expensive luxury sports cars out there that sell for north of $100,000.

When Adapt isn’t living with his parents in Arizona, you can find him in the $15 million, 4-story mansion where the Faze Clan core members all have a space. The mansion is said to be located somewhere in Hollywood Hills. With all that said, Faze Adapt’s net worth is estimated at nothing less than $1 million.

Sister – FaZe Milan

If you’re a fan of Adapt, then you definitely must have seen his sister Milan who features regularly on his videos. The most popular of those videos is one titled My Little Sister Drinks Gamma posted in 2015 that now has over 5.5 million views.

Faze Milan has capitalized on her brother’s fame to launch a social media career of her own. She is most popular on Instagram and musical.ly. Milan was born on March 2, 2003.



Faze Adapt was formerly in a relationship with Instagram star Adrianna Scaley. Scaley actually became famous as a result of her long-term relationship with Faze Adapt. After about two months of not posting about each other, fans began to question the status of their relationship.

Adapt kept mum for a while before posting a video on his channel to explain what went wrong and that they had broken up. According to Adapt, Scaley said she wanted to “do her own thing” right after leaving for college. He later got info from a friend that she was cheating on him. After the break-up, Scaley disabled her Instagram account where she had amassed over 360, 000 followers.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Alex Hamilton Prynkiewicz

Birthdate and place: June 5, 1997, Arizona

Birth Sign: Gemini

Parents Paul and Nancy Prynkiewicz

High School: Pinnacle High School

Siblings: 4 sisters (Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Vienna)

Height: 1.73 m

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