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Freddy Dodge is a gold miner who began collecting gold at a very young age of eight. This was largely influenced by the fact that he was born in an area popular for mining activities. He is not only a gold miner but also a television personality, businessman and gold prospector.

In case you are wondering who a gold prospector is, it’s simply a person who searches for gold. As a television star, he is currently a part of the reality mining show, Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a show that involves various families competing in a gold mine contest. The show has had 5 seasons since its inception and has also had spin offs.

Sometimes you do not have to be educated to be successful and the life of Freddy is proof. According to an authentic source, Freddy never had any conventional education that prepared him for mining but he picked up skills here and there. He is also a happily married man; he is married to Lisa and is a proud father of two daughters.

Freddy Dodge – Bio

Freddy Dodge was born in the state of Colorado on 20th December 1966. Colorado is one of the states in the US known for its rocky topography, which enables mining and other digging activities to thrive successfully. Freddy, the Gold Rush star is not known to have attended any formal education, as there is no such information available on the internet. Also, the identity of his parents is unknown. He, however, has a brother named Derek, who often appears on some episodes of Gold Rush with him.

The illustrious career which Freddy Dodge is known for is not that of gold mining per se but of competing in a popular gold mining reality television show, Gold Rush. Word has it that Freddy’s involvement with mining didn’t begin in his adulthood but as a child. As a young lad, he would always go around searching for and collecting gold. Freddy began appearing on the show in 2011 (the show kicked off its first season in 2010). He made a few appearances in that season as well as the second, however, he became a regular in the third season.

The show, formerly known as Gold Rush Alaska is based on a story of 6 men who travel to Porcupine Creek, Alaska, to search for gold after they all lost their jobs. Its first episode premiered in 2010. The show’s setting was mostly at Klondike, Yukon, Canada. It is being aired on the Discovery channel and its affiliated channels and has received a lot of positive response from television viewers. Records show that the final episode of the first season got a lot of viewership and this seemed to have evoked a good omen as the trend extended to other episodes of the subsequent seasons. So far, the show has had 167 episodes and has been awarded for its contribution to entertainment by ASCAP.

Like similar ventures, it has availed the opportunity for various individuals and families to interact. Freddy Dodge has had the opportunity to have mingled and collaborated with the likes of , , Jack Hoffman, and . Asides being a TV personality, Freddy is also a co-designer. He has been said to have been one of the brains behind some designs used by the Hoffman team on the show.

Family – Daughter

As a celebrity that Freddy has become, many would want to know about the relationship and love life of the Gold Rush star. Firstly, Freddy is straight, he has no record of having any sort of homosexual relationship. Also, much about his love life is not known. There is no record available about his dating life, however, he is married. The year he met his wife is not known, neither is the date they began dating or got engaged.

Freddy Dodge is married to Lisa, whose maiden last name is not known. The TV star has kept most information about his family clandestine and has not disclosed much about his wife. Together, the couple has two daughters; their first daughter’s name is Nikki. She sometimes appears on the Gold Rush show alongside her father.

Net Worth 

Freddy makes a lot from his television career. As at 2018, he had yearly earnings of $25,000. With this, he could provide a comfortable life for his family and enjoy economic stability. Currently, according to statistics, he is estimated to be worth a whopping $400,000.

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Quick Facts About The Gold Rush Star

Birth Name: Freddy Eugene Dodge

Date of Birth: 20th December 1966

Birth City: Walden, Colorado

Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Education: N/A

Profession: Gold Prospector, TV Personality

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Lisa Dodge

Children: 2

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

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