Gabby Epstein Wiki: 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Instagram Star

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Gabby Epstein would agree she is a social media sensation and probably introduce herself as a lifestyle blogger and fashion model whenever she’s asked to do so.

Without a doubt, Gabby has asserted and established herself as one of the finest social media influencer models from Australia. The dame believes she has an “infectious personality” and, that her “girl-next-door characteristics” has been helping her steal people’s heart across the globe. One can’t disagree with this, Epstein’s vivacious vibe is indeed contagious.

Gabby Epstein Bio

Disregarding the fact that Gabby Epstein was born on 19th February in 1994 and in Australia as Gabrielle Grace Epstein, much isn’t known about her family background and the early days of her life.

While we are still striving to learn a thing or two about Gabby’s parents and siblings, we have been able to substantiate that she got into modeling albeit not actively in the early days of her teenage years. It was after she was done with high school that she started taking seriously the idea of building a career as a model.

Based on our gatherings thus far, we can tell that Gabby bagged a scholarship to further her studies at Queensland’s Bond University in Robina, Gold Coast, Australia where she was anticipated to bag a degree in Biomedical Science. She left the academic pursuit to chase after her dreams of becoming a social media influencer.

True, lady Gabby has no reason to regret the decision, she has done well for herself and is widely celebrated as one of Australia’s most successful influencers. Nonetheless, she has disclosed that she hasn’t deluded herself into believing things will be forever green for her as an influencer.

Describing what she does now as a stepping stone to build a superb future for herself, Gabby stressed that she has other plans for the rest of her life. She revealed that apart from launching a jewelry line, that she’s investing in property and even considering going back to the university, not to continue with Biomedical Science; apparently, the model has a thing for Psychology.

Facts You Need To Know About The Instagram Star

1. Swimming Was Her First Love

As a kid growing up, Gabby knew exactly what she wanted to have as her career – she would be a professional swimmer. Though she is now known for her modeling endeavors, it is said that she was an Australian national youth swimmer. This dream was truncated by a shoulder injury which required a surgery. As the surgery may not assure her return to swimming, Gabby was left with little option but to let go of swimming.

2. Gabby As a Lifestyle and Travel Blogger

Beyond being a social influencer model, Gabby Epstein equally devotes her time to lifestyle and travel blogging. According to her, the essence of her blog site ( is to hand her a platform via which she can share her world with the world in “a more personal and in-depth level.” Gabby takes pride in asserting that she travels around the world, staying in A-class hotels and resort for free. She shares the adventures on her blog site, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Meanwhile, she doesn’t like introducing herself as an influencer. She that she’s not comfortable introducing herself as such because she feels she’s not taken seriously whenever she attempts explaining that her career revolves around Instagram.

3. She an Industrious Entrepreneur

As mentioned earlier, Gabby is not hoping to eternally be an influencer, she has other plans for her life. In addition to investing in property and launching a jewelry line, she’s hard at work to grow her lingerie line – Gabrielle Grace.

More to that, she earns from teaching people how to increase their followers on Instagram and earn from partnering with brands.


4. Her Love Life

It is possible that Gabby Epstein has had several romantic partners in the past. As she’s comely, many would love to have her as a mate. But then, we can only speculate on that. What we know, however, is that Gabby is straight and has been in love with James Roberts, the Australian swimmer who came to the limelight after he represented his country at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

From what we learned, Gabby has known James since she was 14. Although they started dating quite recently, (early 2017) they participated in swimming competitions together as youngsters. It was in one of such competitions that Gabby first noticed James.

5. She’s One of The Most Followed Aussie Influencers

This is why she gets to earn from teaching people how to increase their following on the social media platform. As at the time of this report, she could brag about having over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

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