Gabe The Dog Biography – 6 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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These days, people bear all sort of names on social media – either to draw attention to themselves or to simply generate traffic on different platforms. Thus, when the name Gabe the dog is mentioned, it sounds like one of such persons trying to garner attention online. Nonetheless, this was actually a dog and he reigned supreme on the internet. Can you beat that? Well, if a dog can be famous like this, it should be very inspiring.

Gabe the dog was one sweet celebrity of a dog. The cute miniature American Eskimo/Pomeranian dog was very famous for his meme sensation barks which were posted online by its owner. Many people, including celebrities, loved and enjoyed listening to his sweet sound until his death in January 2017. Gabe was on top of the list of famous dogs alongside his friend Marnie The Dog.

Wondering how he acquired his celebrity status and what led to his death? Find out below.

Gabe The Dog’s Biography

As mentioned above, Gabe is actually a dog! A cute miniature American Eskimo/Pomeranian born on January 3, 2011, somewhere in Canada. So, if Gabe was to be given a nationality,  we would say he was a Canadian. Being born on January 3 makes Gabe’s birth sign Capricorn. Perhaps, every character he exhibited could be traceable to traits associated with a Capricorn.

There are no further info regarding the dog – if he had a parent or parents who raised him or siblings who took after him.

Here Are 6 Other Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Gabe The Dog

  • Rise to fame

Gabe the dog was owned by Jesse Hamel. Gabe became famous shortly after Jesse uploaded a video of him on YouTube in 2013. The video which was titled “The new dog source” spurred numerous YTP music videos from musicians, artists, and the likes. However, Gabe began gaining popularity with his sensational barks way back in 2012. thus, when his celebrity status was acquired in 2013, it was no surprise at all to many who had been expecting it for a long time.

  • Social media presence

Gabe the dog was the star of a popular self-titled page known as Gabe The Dog’s official Facebook page where he garnered a whopping number of above three hundred thousand followers in a very short time. The page featured a lot of stuff about Gabe which increasingly made him famous. Gabe was more famous than a whole lot of human celebrities that almost everyone wanted to follow his social media page just to be up to date with his current acts and all.

  • What makes him special

Gabe did not just become famous without anything to show for it. His unique sensational barks earned him a place in the world of celebrities. His trademark barks were nicknamed the “Bork” and were used for Christmas songs and musical parodies of movie soundtracks as well.

  • His death

The famous dog died in January 2017, after suffering from heart complications. He battled with his heart condition for about a year before his death. Gabe the dog left a number of persons heartbroken after his death, especially his friend and owner Jesse Hamel. He died on the 20th of January at the age of six.

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  • The aftermath of his death

The relationship between Jesse and Gabe was a lovely one. Jesse helped Gabe become famous by letting the world know how very useful the Bork sound could be. He (Jesse) took appropriate care of him with the resources his fame accrued. So, when Gabe died, it was difficult for Jesse who mourned him deeply. He took to the late dog’s official Facebook page to announce the death of the sweet dog. Gabe’s death attracted condolences and sympathy from across the globe just a few hours after his death.

  • Net worth

Although some sources think his net worth may have been exaggerated, others think it had been underestimated. whatever the case may be, the fact remains that at the age of six, a dog named Gabe earned and had more money than most human beings and that alone should serve as a form of inspiration. The exact amount he left behind is not known but it is expected to be up to $1 million, considering the fame he commanded on social media.

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