Gay Celebrities: 20 Celebs You Thought Were Straight

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It is normal for fans to ask a lot of questions about the sexuality of their favorite stars and celebrities. This article is about gay celebrities who you may be shocked to know that they are not straight. Most of them you might know and probably never thought they were LGBT compliant because they take up straight roles in movies. The celebrities captured in this article are actors who have wowed us time and time again with their exceptional talents but have at one time or the other come out as gay. As freedom and equality have been granted to those in same-sex relationships or those who identify as gay, more of these gay celebrities are beginning to open up on the truth about their sexuality. Read and be dazed by the truths and discoveries you’ll make.

Gay Celebrities – See Who Makes The Surprise List

1. David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde was born on April 3, 1959. He is an American actor, film director, and comedian. He played the character of the psychiatrist, Dr. Niels Crane in the series Fraisers. In 2007, Pierce came out about his sexuality, stating that he is gay. He was dating Brian Hargrove and they got married in California on October 24, 2008.

2. Guillermo Diaz

Guillermo Diaz who is popularly known for his role in the TV series Scandal where he played the character ‘Huck’. He is an American actor and was born on March 22, 1975. The actor is gay and came out publicly about his sexuality while claiming that hiding his sexuality before coming out was very helpful to him in his career as a Hollywood actor.

3. Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo is an American actress who was born on November 10, 1982. She has starred in movies like Princess Diaries, The Devil’s Advocate and many more. She was the speaker at the 15th annual conference for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network of Boston in April 2005. Heather is gay and came out openly in 2004 when she talked about falling in love with a woman. Heather has dated Caroline Murphy (2004-2012) and Heather Truman (2016-present).

4. Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch is an actress, author, singer and comedian. She was born on July 14, 1960, in Evergreen Park, Illinois. She played the role of Horny Paula in the movie titled The 40-Year-Old Virgin and is also popular for her role as Sue Sylvester in the musical series, Glee, which won numerous awards and boosted her career in the movie industry. Jane came out of her closet and made her gay status known and she has since been a big supporter of gay rights organizations. She was married for a short period to Lara Embry (2010–2014).

5. Jim Parsons

comes from Houston, Texas in the United States. He is an actor and was born on March 24, 1973. He is best known for his role as Sheldon Cooper in the movie Big Bang Theory and has starred in other movies like The Muppets, Home Garden State and others. Jim Parsons is gay despite acting straight in movies and is in a relationship with Todd Spiewak. They have been in a relationship for over 10 years. He officially came out as a gay in an interview with the New York Times in 2012.

6. Jodie Foster

Alicia Christian Foster is known professionally as Jodie Foster. She is an American actress, film director, and producer. She was born on November 19, 1962, in Los Angeles, California. Jodie publicly came out in 2013 about her sexuality. She did so in her acceptance speech for the Golden Globes Cecil B. Demille Award. Having played several straight character roles in movies like in the movie Maverick where she played the role of ‘Annabelle Branford’, many fans and people may have thought her to be straight. However, she is one of the gay celebrities who doesn’t let her sexuality restrict her in movie roles. She has also starred in other movies like Inside Man, Panic Room, Elysium, and many more.

7. Luke Evans

Luke Evans was born on April 15, 1979, in Pontypool, Wales and has played several roles as a straight character which got fans thinking he was straight. Luke is well known for his role as Owen Shaw in Fast and Furious where he played Michelle Rodriguez’s boyfriend. He most recently played Gaston in Beauty and the Beast and has also featured in Hobbit. Luke has openly come out that he is gay and said that an actor’s sexuality should not affect his/her success in Hollywood.

8. Luke Macfarlane

was born on January 19, 1980, in London. He is a Canadian actor, musician and one of the most handsome gay celebrities of our time. He played the character Scotty Wandell in the television series Brothers and Sisters and his role in the movie made him very popular. In an exclusive interview with a Canadian newspaper, Globe and Mail, Luke revealed the truth about his sexuality, telling the newspaper that he is gay. He was caught by paparazzi hanging out with Wentworth Miller and this sparked off rumors that they were in a gay relationship.

9. Matt Bomer

is a popular American actor and singer. He was born on October 11, 1977, and has three sons with his gay husband and partner, whom he married in 2011. The actor said hiding his sexuality thought him how to act and he first realized he was gay while he was performing the classics, Romeo and Juliet. Matt embraced his sexuality and publicly came out that he was gay in 2012 but his family found it hard to accept and only his husband and children stood by him at that moment. He has played several straight characters like in the movie White Collar where he played the role of Neal Caffery.

10. Neil Patrick Harris

is an actor, comedian, and singer. He was born on June 15, 1973, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you have watched the comedy series How I Met Your Mother, then you should be familiar with the character Barney Stinson which he played. His character in the series (Barney) was a womanizer and having watched that series and most of his movies, many will think Neil is straight but surprisingly the actor is proudly gay. He came out openly in 2006 saying he is proud of his sexuality and wants to clear all misconceptions. He also said that he is very content living his life without having to hide the fact that he is gay. Neil got happily married to David Burke who was his partner for 10 years in 2014 and the couple has twins – a daughter, named Harper Grace, and son, named, Gideon Scott. Neil is one of the gay celebrities who is a big encouragement for others still hiding their real sexuality.

11. Porte De Rossi

Australian model and actress, was born Amanda Lee Rogers on January 31, 1973, and has starred in many popular movies like; Scandal, and many others. She is married to who is also a popular actress and TV host. Porte De Rossi had struggled with her sexuality before coming out publicly as a lesbian in 2005 because she thought it was strange since she had not seen anyone or any notable high profile lesbian that was out and this made her keep her emotional life aside.

12. Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain is an actor and was popular during his teenage years. He was born on March 31, 1934, in Beverly Hills, California. Richard has appeared both on screen and on stage and is popular for playing the character Dr. Kildare in the television show titled with the same name, Dr. Kildare. He was the first man to play the character Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity Series and has also featured in movies like Shogun, and many others. Talking about his sexuality, Richard came out of his closet about his sexuality in his 2003 memoir Shattered Love but was first outed by the media in the 80’s. According to sources, he dated actor Wesley Eure and also Martin Robbett.

13. Ricky Martin

was born on December 24, 1971, and his real name is Enrique Jose Martin Morales. He is a Puerto Rican actor, singer, and author. Ricky, with his good looks and charm, came out as gay in 2010 in a statement which he posted on his website. He is engaged to Jowan Yosef who is a Syrian Swedish and is a painter by profession. Ricky is a spokesman and an advocate for gay rights and same-sex marriage. He has also played straight characters in movies like General Hospital where he played the character, Miguel.

14. Russell Tovey

He is well known for his role as a werewolf in the TV drama, Supernatural. Russell Tovey was born on November 14, 1981, in Billericay, United Kingdom. He was 18 years old when he came out about his sexuality that he is gay and it was a difficult time for him because his family was finding it hard to accept the fact that he is gay. He started taking up homosexual acting roles at age 30. His partner’s name is Steve Brockman.

15. Sarah Paulson

Born as on December 17, 1974, Paulson is a film, TV and stage actress. She was born in Tampa, Florida. She came out as gay in 2007 and was in a relationship with Chery Jones from 2007 to 2009.

16. Tuc Watkins

Tuc Watkins is an actor who is best known for his role as David Vickers in the movie, One Life to Live and his role as Bob Hunter in the series, Desperate Housewives. He is a single parent and one of the few gay celebrities that are single. Tuc came open about his sexual orientation in 2013. He said he wants to set an example so that his kids can be proud of their sexuality and be able to say who they are.

17. Kevin Spacey

is an actor, singer, and producer. He was born on 26, July 1959, and has starred in movies like American Beauty, Seven, Swimming with Sharks, and many more. Spacey came out as a gay in October 2017 when he made an apology to Anthony Rapp for sexual assault when he was caught up in the inferno of the MeToo campaign. He was however criticised by the gay community for using this gay status as an excuse for sexual assault on a minor.


18. Zachary Quinto

The actor and film producer Zachary Quinto is one of the most handsome and good-looking gay celebrities. He was  Born on June 2, 1977, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and widely known for his role in Heroes where he portrayed the character role of Sylar, Quinto has publicly come out as gay. He is also a supporter of gay rights organizations.

19. Maria Bello

She is one of the much loved gay celebrities who came outed in 2013. Maria Bello is an American actress and writer that has starred in movies like; Permanent Midnight, Prisoners, Light Out and many others. She was born on April 18, 1967, in Santa Monica, California. She was in a gay relationship with Clare Munn before she ended the relationship and reunited with her ex-lover, Elijah Allan-Blitz.

20. Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert born Sara Rebecca Abeles was born January 29, 1975, in Santa Monica, California. She is an actress popular for her role as Darlene Conner in the movie Roseanne. She is currently married to Linda Perry and is no longer in hiding about her sexuality thanks to her ex-boyfriend, who helped her to embrace the fact that she is gay.

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