Geovanna Antoinette – Biography and Facts About The American YouTuber 

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Geovanna Antoinette is most things many young people her age would really love to be. She is a YouTuber, actress, model, powerlifter as well as a producer and marketing executive at JustKiddingFilms team. If you put all these together, the youngster has got an impressive career that is going pretty well for her.

Considering when she began her career, Geo has risen pretty fast to be where she is today with more grounds to cover. In this article, you are going to read and learn all that we know about the YouTuber’s background, career, relationship life and just about any tidbit of interest that pertains to her.

Geovanna Antoinette’s Biography

Before her fame and all that it comes with today, Geovanna began life as a baby girl born to her Mexican parents on the 3rd day of October 1983 in Los Angeles, California. Her full name is Geovanna Antoinette Carreno and she grew up alongside three siblings under the strict watch of their parents. Her siblings are her elder brother, elder sister and their younger sister.

As a young child, Geovanna Antoinette had an interest in music and did play musical instruments like flute, mandolin, guitar, and the piano. During her high school days, she participated in sports like basketball and volleyball which are two sports her tall height was well suited for. After her sporty high school days, Geo enrolled at Califonia State University and in the course of time bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in a discipline we are yet to find out.

Following her college graduation, she secured a job in a bank as a bank teller and was on this job till early 2010 when she joined JustKiddingFilms, a comedy team on YouTube started by and in 2007 which promotes cultural unity via comedy. Geovanna Antoinette first started working as an actress in the group’s television mini-series and soon proved herself as indispensable to the group and is today part and parcel of the team’s portfolio of four YouTube channels which are JustKiddingGamer, JustKiddingNews, JustKiddingFilms, and JustKiddingParty.

On these various channels, the channel names suggest exactly what the comic group does on them. Their JustKiddingGamer stocks a collection of videos showing two or more gamers doing what they call “nonsense and time killing through video games!” On JustKiddingFilms, the group discusses religious, Asian, social and superstitious issues. Some of the popular videos on this channel are Real Couples: Sex feat. Olivia Thai, Shit Asian Moms Say, Shit Asian Dads Say and many others. These videos will effortlessly get you laughing.

On JustKiddingParty channel, the team just go about being themselves. They have challenge videos, card-playing videos, mafia game videos, etc. JustKiddingNews, on the other hand, is where they make satirical discussions on news articles submitted by their viewers.

In the course of her work with JustKiddingFilms, Geovanna Antoinette has been featured on popular videos like the Hangin’ With JK series which has episodes like ‘Are You A Saver or A Spender’, ‘Complaining’, ‘Affection’ and ‘Quality Time’.

Facts About Geovanna Antoinette, The American YouTuber 

  • Net Worth

Geovanna Antoinette’s career has been on a steady rise and there seems to be no stopping to how far the social media celebrity can go in her career. All these, of course, has with monetary benefits which in its own is also a motivation for her and indeed anyone to push for greater heights. Geovanna’s net worth at this time is estimated to be about $1.6 million.

  • Relationship Life

Geovanna is a married woman; she is married to fellow YouTuber and a co-founder of the JustKiddingFilms team – Bart Kwan. The duo got married in Hawaii in 2015 and are now parents to a child. Their baby named Taika Octavius Kwan was born on September 1, 2017. Other members of her family are their three rescue dogs.

  • Body Features and Measurements

The actress and producer has blonde hair and brown eyes. She stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches which is about 1.79m. Her weight and other body measurements have not been disclosed.

  • Social Media Presence

Being a media personality, it is unlikely that Geo will be hard to find on social media. Be that as it may, so many fake accounts exist out there. On Twitter, her verified handle is @Geo_Antoinette, the same on Facebook is Geovanna Antoinette while you can also find her on Instagram via @geo_antoinette.

Her baby has got an Instagram account and it is @taikakwan while that of her husband is @bartkwan. You can also follow her powerlifting outfit on Instagram via @barbellbrigade.

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