Go Yayo Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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Anyone can be a star regardless of the kind of childhood they had or where they grew up. Go Yayo is one rapper that proves this statement is true. He came out of nowhere and independently established himself as one of the names to watch out for in the entertainment industry. He has released a number of mixtapes and singles that have been well received by his fans as well as lovers of rap music. The legendary rapper even gave him a shoutout once, commending him for his lyrical skills and wordplay, encouraging him to keep at it.

While Go Yayo is yet to break into the mainstream music scene, he is already a household name in the underground music sphere. He is known for his bold and outlandish personal style, boastful lyrics, and street credibility which he tries to uphold with every song. Yayo grew up in the hood and as a result, he has seen and lived some of the harshest realities of life, but instead of losing faith and remaining beaten down, he has chosen to pour all those experiences into his craft. He is shaped by the world around him and his way of grappling with that is making music and sharing it with the world.

Go Yayo’s Biography

The famous rapper was born Kyrin Xavier Peters on June 6, 1996, in Fort Worth, Texas. Very little is known about his parents or whether he was raised by them. Go Yayo has not opened up about his family situation or background, however, it is well known that he grew up poor. His environment and financial circumstances forced to start living beyond his years from a very young age. He took to a life of street crime, committing petty misdemeanors and exhibiting juvenile delinquent behaviors. As a result, the Texas native has had many run-ins with the law.

He is very popular in his hometown and is considered a local celebrity in the environs and beyond. Like most African-American kids, Go Yayo was raised on hip-hop. He developed a  great love for music that inspired him to start making his own. He began writing lyrics and rapping them, then he headed to the studios to record and began the uphill battle of raising awareness about his music. Go Yayo was able to spread his name and fame through social media and with the support of his friends. His Twitter and Instagram accounts have tens of thousands of followers and he also has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos for his songs.

Go Yayo’s most popular albums include Good Dope Volume 1 and Super Saiyan Yayo, which received a lot of praise from listeners and critics. He is not signed to any record label at the time, which is commendable considering how far he has come all on his own. He admittedly still has a lot to attain, but if he keeps being his popular, hilarious, and talented self, Go Yayo might just make it all the way to the top.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know

1. He Began Using Illicit Drugs At A Young Age

One of the downsides of growing up poor and in the hood is how it exposes young children to the wrong side of life very quickly. Go Yayo was not spared. He began experimenting with weed when he was still in elementary school and by the time he turned 12, he was already using all kinds of pills. The rapper also revealed that he lost his virginity when he was 11, which is flat out horrifying.

2. Go Yayo Once Crashed A Middle School Rally to Give a Motivational Speech

In May 2016, the rapper made the news after he went to a rally geared at improving test scores at Morningside Middle School, proceeded to claim the microphone and began giving the children all kinds of advice. He asked them to stay in school, listen to their parents, stay clear of drugs and crime, and other sound nuggets of wisdom. He was later forced to leave after the school realized no one had asked him to be there, which made #CantBan Yayo start trending on social media.

3. He Is Also a Music Producer

Asides from his own works as a rapper, Go Yayo also works as a local music producer, helping other young talents bring their songs to life as best as he could. This enterprise seems to be fetching him a decent amount of money.

4. The Rapper Has Faced Assault Charges in the Past

When he was only 18, Go Yayo was arrested and charged with assault using a deadly weapon, which led to him doing a little stint in jail before he was released. Although was not his first brush with the law, it was one of his most serious offenses.

5. He Managed to Escape Jail Time by Rapping for a Judge in Court

Go Yayo shared a video from his court trial where he managed to change the judge’s mind about sending him to jail by asking if he could do a little performance, then going ahead to rap the lyrics to his song Ride For You after she agreed. She was thoroughly impressed by his talent and decided to temper justice with mercy.

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