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Every year, a lot of upcoming teen stars take the world by storm with their natural talents and amazing personality. Gone are the days when Hollywood is mainly a place for talented adults; in this age and time, a lot of kids have taken over the show business and red carpet where they get to meet their idols and other celebrities. Perhaps, you probably know about the teen stars , and others, but have you come across the name, Grayson Riggs?

While it is true that Grayson is mostly known to fans of AMC’s original series , the young chap is seriously working on how to get to the apex of his career. He has been looking at ways to gain worldwide fame, replace old hands, and become an iconic actor in Hollywood. Find out more about him in the paragraphs below.

Grayson Riggs’ Biography & Age

Grayson Riggs is an actor who became very popular in American homes and beyond after he was featured in the universally acclaimed American television series, The Walking Dead. His parents gave birth to him in the month of June 2002, precisely on the 6th. Grayson is an American belonging to Caucasian-American ethnic background.

Talking about his education, Grayson is believed to be pursuing his education in an institution located somewhere in the United States. In as much as he has been vocal about some aspects of his personal life, Riggs has never really disclosed where exactly he received his elementary and high school education and when he got certified.

Grayson Riggs was first introduced to the limelight on the screen, where he brought his acting skills to light in The Walking Dead as two different characters in two different backgrounds. He first played the role of a student at the King County Elementary School in season 2 of The Walking Dead (Bloodletting) and was later seen in Season 3 (Say the Word) listening to Governor’s speech at a barbeque and then cheering at a gladiator fight.

In all fairness, his performance in the television series was nothing short of incredible. Remarkably, Grayson’s talent has brought his family so much joy and what this really means is that the young man could be the screen idol in Hollywood in the coming years.

How Much Is Grayson Riggs’ Net Worth?

Grayson Riggs may be a young actor but he has won the attention of the media and the public as well. So far, he hasn’t been featured in many projects in the movie industry but this doesn’t take away the fact that he is talented and ever ready to grow his craft.

The Walking Dead remains his only credited professional film role and from the thrilling series, Riggs has made a decent amount of money that is yet to be publicized. In the same vein, the exact amount he makes annually and the value of his asset is yet to be calculated, as they are still under review at the time of writing this post.


The Walking Dead actor is the son of William Riggs (father) and Gina Ann Riggs (mother), from whom Grayson and his elder brother supposedly inherited their acting genes.

Personal information about Williams is difficult to come by but he is one super dad who loves his family so much. Sometime in February 2018 when Chandler was fired from The Walking Dead, it was William who called out the shows’ bosses for not treating his son fairly.

In a Facebook post, Grayson’s dad narrated how Chandler became part of the show, down to how his son was axed halfway through season eight. Although he thanked the team for giving his son the opportunity to showcase his talent, he maintained that Chandler deserved a better treatment.

Grayson’s older brother, Chandler is an actor as well. It was his role as Carl Grimes (2010 to 2018) in The Walking Dead that skyrocketed him to international fame. He also has under his belt, several awards, and nominations, including Young Artist Award and three Saturn Awards. Born on 27th June 1999, the older Riggs launched his career in the year 2006 and has starred in other Hollywood projects, including Keep Watching (2017), Mercy (2014), and Get Low (2009). Chandler has been starring in the American drama series A Million Little Things since 2019.

Grayson’s mom is a seasoned actress famed for playing a King County mother in Season 2 and 3 of The Walking Dead. She is equally supportive of her children’s acting career.

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