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There are not a lot of musicians who have found a way to have careers in rap and other forms of musical expression, especially singing. Hayden Summerall’s musical career is not only notable for how good a singer he is but for how well he has found a way to incorporate rap in his songs hence earning the title of a rapper. All of this he has managed to achieve at a really young age. Keep reading to learn about Hayden Summerall and the origins of his career.

Hayden Summerall Biography (Age)

Tisha and Jimmy Summerall on the 4th of April, 2005 welcomed their last child, Hayden Summerall to the world. Hayden was born in Dallas, Texas and spent most of his childhood there. He has three older siblings who are also involved in the entertainment industry. His brothers’ names are Dylan, Hunter, and Jimmy. There is not a lot of information available about his early years, especially in terms of his formal education.

Hayden always knew that he wanted to go into show business either as an actor or musician and he decided to start with the latter. His career began with the posting of videos of himself on YouTube where he performed the covers of other songs. His YouTube channel was created on the 31st of May, 2014. The first video he ever posted was put up a month after he created his channel and it was a cover of Jake Miller’s song, Goodbye, he featured Brittany Holmes (another YouTuber) in this video and this might have contributed to the success of the video. He was just eight years old when he put up this video but his talent shone through.

In a short while, he garnered many subscribers and that first video currently has over four hundred thousand views. Since the inception of Summerall’s channel, his viewership has grown exponentially with over nine hundred thousand subscribers and over fifty-nine million views.

After his first video, the next time he uploaded any video was two months later. This next one was a cover of Justin Bieber’s hit single, Boyfriend. The video fared much better than his debut video and he has continued to release and upload videos that appeal to his ever-growing fan base.

Hayden Summerall’s YouTube channel is not just dedicated to covers but he also posts videos of himself doing challenges and other happenings in his private life. He has also featured some friends and his siblings who are YouTubers as well.

His highest grossing video of all time is his cover of the Twenty One Pilots’ song, Stressed Out. With over eight million views, it is the first video he actually rapped on. The lyrics of the song bemoan the expectations of adult life while longing for the idyllic nature of childhood. Hayden Summerall and Jordan Orlando who he featured on the cover were barely ten years old and the irony of the lyrics coming from really young people made the video a very endearing one.

He has started to release his own music with accompanying music videos. His single Different was released in 2019 and his debut single was released in 2018.

Hayden Summerall’s music career is not the only thing that is on the rise. With the success music has brought him, he has been able to transition to acting. He earned his debut acting role in the 2019 film, Next Level and also booked parts in two other films released the same year.

He currently lives in Los Angeles; his decision to move was to give a boost to his career and it appears that the decision was not a terrible one.

Height and Other Facts About Hayden Summerall 

1. Although Hayden Summerall is still a growing teenager and is expected to grow taller, his current height is 5 feet 6 inches and he weighs 45 kg.

2. Hayden Summerall’s fame is not limited to his YouTube channel but has spread to other social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His Instagram account is the one that has the most traffic with 2.7 million followers.

3. Summerall has dated Juliana Grace LeBlanc; she is an actress, musician, and YouTuber.

4. This young star loves dogs, especially his two dogs Bentley and Brinkley; the animals have their own Instagram page.

5. He has gone on tour twice with two different artists and this has helped to create more exposure for him.

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