How is Billy Bush Related to President Bush and What Happened to Him?

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Billy Bush is a member of the very popular Bush family that produced two presidents of the US at different times but how exactly is Billy Bush related to President Bush? Being associated with the Bush name has its advantages which Billy has had a good dose of over the years to successfully build his career as a radio and TV host. Since his career took off in the 90s, he has worked with well-recognized media houses garnering fame and money as he climbed the ladder of success. However, all of his hard work came crashing down with the release of the Access Hollywood video that became his fall from grace.

Despite the increased popularity he got from the video which exposed a lewd joke he shared with in 2005, many know Billy Bush but not the matrix of how he is related to the former US President Bush. The most common assumption is that he is  ‘s son and ‘s brother but this is very far from the truth. Read on and figure it out.

How is Billy Bush Related to President Bush?

Billy Bush is the nephew of former US President Bush Snr. (George H. W. Bush) and the first cousin of President Bush Jnr. (George W. Bush). He was given the name William Hall Bush at birth. His mother’s name is Josephine Colwell Bush (formerly Bradly) and his father’s name is Jonathan Bush who worked as a banker in his days. Billy was one of the only two children of his parents with the other being his older brother Jonathan S. Bush who was born in 1969.

In the extended family, Billy’s father Jonathan Bush is the older brother of George H. W. Bush the 41st president which makes him Billy Bush’s paternal uncle. President Bush Snr. on his part, has six children who he bore with his wife , they are George W. Bush who was born in 1946, Robin Bush born in 1949, Jeb Bush born in 1953, Neil Bush born in 1955, Marvin P. Bush born in 1956 and the last and only daughter Dorothy Koch born in 1959.

Being that Billy bush is the nephew of President Bush Snr. that makes him first cousins with President Bush Jnr. and the well-known Jeb Bush who served as the 43rd Governor of Florida.

What Happened to Him?

If Billy Bush was not initially among the more popular members of the Politically inclined Bush family, he certainly got all of the attention and more in 2016 when a video of him and billionaire The Apprentice host at the time, , was released to ire of the public. The video which was recorded in 2005 at the parking lot of NBC Studios while Billy and Trump were preparing for an interview aimed at raising awareness about Trump’s cameo appearance on the series Days of Our Lives where he had promoted his show The Apprentice.

The video which was mistakenly recorded because Trump was not aware that his microphone was on, saw the two laugh over a dirty joke Trump made his unsuccessful attempt to entice a married woman into sleeping with him. He was apparently referring to who at the time worked with Bush. Billy Bush on his part joined in with a rejoinder of his own about the looks of actress who he called ‘hot as shit’.


When news of the video broke in 2016, it was seen in some quarters as a poor attempt at derailing the campaign of then-presidential aspirant . True to form, the video generated a good dose of bad will towards Trump and an unsuspecting Bush. At the height of the scandal, Billy put up a very remorseful front with apologies where it was needed but Donald Trump on his part seemed unperturbed and went so as far to deny the video and the voice therein which he claimed was not his.

By the time the scandal blew over the top, there were two entirely opposing results for the two people involved. Donald Trump got elected as the 45th president of the United States against all odds and Billy Bush was suspended from Today by NBC and was subsequently fired. He went off media attention and disappeared for 3 years until 2019 when he landed a new gig as the host of the renewed show Extra where he will draw from his experience of being at the receiving end of public ire to reach out and interview celebrities in the same situation.

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