How Old is Lil Pump and How Much is He Worth? 

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Lil Pump’s successful outburst in the music industry has made many wonder how old he really is and how long he has been in the business. His powerful releases in songs like “Gucci Gang”, “D Rose”, “I Love It” “Boss” and “Esskeetit” have only made punk and rap lovers fall deeper in love with hip hop. Truth be told, Lil Pump is one American artist that is full of surprises. He not only has jaw-dropping hit tracks but also jaw-dropping bucks to go with. This young music artist has indeed been able to achieve a lot for his age especially because only a few artists have been able to connect with top bosses in the industry the way Pump has.

To mention just a few, his music collaborations so far includes the likes of , , , , Smokepurpp, and . Two things will always notify you of the Gucci Gang rapper’s presence – his hyper personality and his “Esskeetit” catchphrase which means “let’s get it“. To know more about Lil Pump’s age and how much he has garnered so far from his career, here are facts we have for you.

How Old is Lil Pump?

To start with, Lil Pump is the rapper’s stage name, his parent’s gave him the name Gazzy Garcia when he was born in the year 2000, on August 17th. Further details about his birth show that he is a native of Miami in Florida and his parents are both Columbians. Gazzy has an older brother who, although his identity is unknown, is the rapper’s half-brother from his mother’s side.

Aside from his career success, Gazzy’s personality has severally been tainted with his aggressive behavior. The reason behind his behavior is not far fetched; the artist grew up in a lower-middle-class locality which, of course, contributed to his drug problems and unruly behavior. He was kicked out of school in the tenth grade, following his continuous fights with other students.

Despite his rough beginning, Lil Pump was able to find his root in the rap music genre at an early age. His career officially began in 2016 after he freestyled Smokepurpp’s track which later became Grazzy’s debut single “Lil Pump”. The performance of the track on the music streaming website SoundCloud inspired the Miami rapper to produce more singles including Ignorant, Elementary, Gang Shit, and Drum$tick. These songs not only gave him the courage to firmly plant the root of his career in the music industry but they also served as a vehicle to his success in the music industry. Today, Lil pump has grown from the South Florida underground rapper to a successful rap king.


How Much is He Worth?

The American rapper has come a long way in the music industry and his financial income can attest to that. Though to many, his rise to fame was magical, there is no doubt that his hard work and dedication helped put him where he is now.  It may surprise you to know that Lil Pump’s net worth has risen to a very impressive $8 million and it’s all thanks to some of his songs like Gucci Gang, which not only became a viral success but also reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. He began his career in 2016 by uploading tracks to Soundcloud and after gaining more than 100 million streams, he received all the courage he needed to push further with his career.

In addition to the massive fame he came into, Lil Pump’s financial status increased tremendously after his “Gucci Gang” which was released in October 2017, garnered over 890 million views on Youtube. Moreso, it is not the rapper’s only song that went viral and fetched him huge income but it is certainly his most successful track so far.

It is not known if the rapper has other sources of income besides his music career, but speculations are that he has made investments that are not known to the public from where he equally rakes in a tidy sum.

His massive net worth and his rapper personality is the reason behind his lavish lifestyle and while there isn’t any reasonable information regarding the number of houses he owns, we are aware of his great love for cars. Among his fleet of cars are a Porsche and a Lamborghini. Moreover, among the many other things he spends on are the legal issues he has incurred over the years. Apparently, the artist was arrested severally in 2018.

He was arrested on February 15, 2018, for shooting in an inhabited place and on August 29, 2018, he got himself into trouble for driving without a license. Similarly, he was arrested on December 4, and 13, 2018 for possessing marijuana, and for disorderly conduct at a Miami airport, respectively. Garcia’s manager even revealed that the artist had served a prison sentence, but no further details were revealed on the matter as he did not give any further details.

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