Hugh Jackman’s Cancer Operation And His Family

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Unfortunately, the big ‘C’ has become part and parcel of the world we live in today and no one is immune, street children, courtesans, government officials and even actors get it. So today, let’s delve into the life on an actor who is currently involved in the battle, check out Hugh Jackman’s cancer and the actor’s family.

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Hugh Jackman’s Cancer Operation

The star recently announced through Instagram that he just had just gone under the knife to have a sixth trace of cancer removed from his skin. Yikes! Hugh has not been going through the process alone, he has been very open about his battle against cancer since 2013, when the doctors first spotted an abnormal mole on his skin.

As recently as Monday 13th February, 2017, the star took to Instagram to post a selfie of him showing a band-aid on his nose, urging fans to wear sunscreen and get regular check-ups. It was very evident that they were listening, according to Google Trends, there was an instant spike in the search for basal cell carcinoma that same day.

This is not the first time that the star has taken to social media to warn people about the deadly disease that start s out as nothing. He was first treated for the disease in November 2013, still on his nose and as we mentioned earlier, this is the sixth re occurrence.

Hugh Jackman’s cancer led a lot of people to research on what basal cell carcinoma actually entails. Here’s a little insight; basal cell carcinoma or BBC as it is commonly referred to is a treatable and common form of skin cancer marked by lesions or growths on the outermost layer of the skin.

The cancer hardly spreads beyond the site of the tumor but it is highly likely to disfigure the area after a long period of not being treated. So if you have anything that looks like an open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars, do well to get it checked out as most of these usually end up as cancer after UV exposure and intense, occasional UV exposure.

That’s all we have on the pesky cancer, everyone wishes Jackman a speedy recovery.

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Hugh Jackman’s Family

The star has a very large family, but today it’s all about his nuclear family. Before we get started on that, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know the rest of his family on a ‘name basis’. Hugh was born to Christopher John Jackman and Grace McNeil, but he was raised solely by his father from the age of eight.

The star has two brothers and two sisters; his Ralph and Ian Jackman, while his sisters are Sonya and Zoe Jackman. Well, that’s all the extended family we could dig up, now on to his nuclear family.

Hugh Jackman’s Wife

Their nationality is not the only thing these two have in common, yes, not only is Deborah-Lee Furnes Australian but she’s also into showbiz. The two actually met on the set of the television series Correlli, in which she starred in the title role. Here’s what the actor had to say about their experience on set.

‘ She was the star and I had this major crush on her, everyone did. The whole crew had a crush on her and I was so embarrassed by that, I didn’t talk to her for about a week.’ So how did he finally win her over? Here’s a hint, it involved some liquid courage.

The star threw a dinner party and invited about 20 people including Deborah, at some point she had to ask him, ‘What’s a matter, have I annoyed you? You’re not talking to me anymore. What have I done wrong?’

Since he already had a few glasses, he was a bit loose tongued with his answer, ‘ Oh look, I’ve got a crush on you, I’ll get over it.’ He never expected her answer to be, ‘ Yeah, I got one on you. too.’ Needless to say, that was the start of something beautiful, now, 22 years down the road they are still gushing over each other.

Hugh Jackman’s Kids

Sadly, the couple went through two miscarriages while trying to have kids, but all hope was not lost as they resorted to adoption. They now have an 11 year old daughter named Ava Eliot Jackman and a 16 year old son named Oscar Maximilian Jackman. The couple actually adopted bi racial children and here is what Hugh had to say about it.

‘Oscar is a bit of everything – African-American, Caucasian, Hawaiian and Cherokee. We specifically requested a bi-racial child because there was more of a need. People will wait 18 months to adopt a little blonde girl; meanwhile, bi-racial children are turned away. The same was true for Ava, she’s half Mexican, half German.’

Needless to say, they make one big happy family.

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