Infinite Lists (Caylus Cunningham) – Bio, Family, Facts About The Vlogger

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Caylus Cunningham, popularly known by his YouTube Channel name “Infinite Lists” or most recently, “Infinite”, is one of the YouTubers that enjoyed a quick rise to stardom. Thanks to his creativity and humorous style, he didn’t take long to become one of the most successful vloggers and YouTube creators. From making his first $200 in 2016 to a net worth of over $13 million as of July 2019, the journey has been a sweet sail for Caylus.

Through his YouTube channel, “Infinite”, he shares challenges, flip videos, lists, reactions, and trick shots. He not only uploads these quality videos, he also makes them humorous and fun. This is why he is loved and followed by over 11 million people. Even when he changed the channel name from “Infinite Lists” to “Infinite”, his followership never dipped. On the contrary, he experienced the fastest growth in subscriber base than he had ever seen.

Caylus Cunningham’s Bio

Caylus Cunningham was born on the 18th of August, 1997, in Spokane Valley, Washington DC. He spent most of his formative years in Spokane Valley with his family. The social media personality has also opted to keep most of the details of his personal life before YouTube fame to himself. As a result, there is nothing known about his early experiences growing up in Spokane Valley, where he went to school, his educational qualifications and so on.

Family and Relationships

Caylus doesn’t talk much about his family. The only thing that is known is that his father was an artist. He talks about how his father influenced his creativity and passion. His father was an awesome artist with a knack for creativity and finesse. Some of Caylus’ creative skills could be traced back to his father. He learned how to draw and design logos at a very tender age. He deployed this skill much later when he started designing the Infinite Merch brand.

His dating status is also unknown. However, he was in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber known as Jasmine H. The couple only lasted for a little over a year. He had also been in a relationship with a girl named Kate. He introduced Kate after his breakup with Jasmine as his ex-girlfriend.

Facts About Infinite Lists (Caylus Cunningham)

1. YouTube Career

Caylus Cunningham started his YouTube channel, Infinite Lists, on the 21st of August, 2014. His was the case of many other young chaps who just creates a YouTube channel without knowing what to do with it as it wasn’t until 2016 that he started posting videos. His premier video was a list of 6 Richest YouTubers of 2016. He took time to talk about Little Baby Bum, , Ryans ToysReview, Tiaras Big Money, and Webs. The response to this video made him feel he could take YouTube seriously. He did a couple of other YouTube list videos which started gaining traction as his subscriber base grew.

Meanwhile, YouTube was still a side hustle for Caylus Cunningham. At the time his channel became popular enough to start generating revenue for him, he was working at Papa Murphy’s pizza place. The job paid him $1,000 every month. So, even when he cashed his first $200 from YouTube, he was still yet to see a career as a YouTube creator.

2. His YouTube Milestones With Infinite Lists

His breakthrough came on April 15, 2017, when his channel hit one million subscribers. Two months later, he had a subscription base of 2 million. That was pretty fast for a YouTube channel that has only been active for a little over a year. By the end of 2017, Infinite Lists had over 4 million subscribers. As the subscriber base was increasing, the number of views to his videos were scaling to the roof. As a result, his YouTube earning potential grew pretty fast.  

3. Change of Name from “Infinite Lists” to “Infinite”

With a subscriber base of over 6 million as at June 2018, the focus of Caylus Cunningham changed. He seldom uploaded list videos. He was mostly posting reaction videos. As a result, he changed his YouTube channel name from “Infinite Lists” to “Infinite”. He made this public in a tweet made on the 31st of August, 2018. This sparked up mixed reactions among his fanbase. But ultimately, his reason was understood.

The change of channel name did not affect Caylus Cunningham’s growth negatively. Instead, he started experiencing an unprecedented rise in subscriber base. By January 2019, he hit 8 million subscribers to the “Infinite” channel and a record 1 billion views. His biggest milestone was achieved in April 2019 when he hit YouTube’s rare 10 million subscriber diamond Play Button. His YouTube success has seen him attract over 11.9 million subscribers and over 1.6 billion views as of July 2019. He also has over 780 videos with the most viewed being “This video will make you forget your name…” with a whopping 24 million views as of July 2019.

Infinite Lists also has two other channels – “More Infinite” and “Infinite Vlogs”. As of July 2019, “More Infinite” has over 833K subscribers with 153 videos, while “Infinite Vlogs” has over 266K subscribers with only 2 videos. Amazing!


4. From Infinite Lists to Merch Lines

Apart from the heavy revenue coming from YouTube, Caylus Cunningham runs a successful business. His Merch line is where he sells Infinite-branded wears, bags and more through Fanjoy. He was inspired by his fans who promised to patronize him if he started one. The business has been successful as Caylus frequently expands his offerings.

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