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Inky Johnson’s story tells the story of the tragic end of a talented footballer’s career. Johnson was born on the 12th of February 1986 and raised on the east side of Atlanta a town called Kirkwood; he was born into a very rough neighborhood which was a hub for constant crime, drugs, and perpetual gang violence.

He was not brought up by his biological parents but by his grandmother who raised him in abject poverty; his grandmother’s house was a two bedroom flat with 14 occupants who had no choice but to sleep on the floor on mats with rats and roaches.

Johnson grew up with his only role models being his uncles who sold drugs and were active in local gangs, at a very young age he decided against selling drugs like his uncles. He decided to join the NFL with the aim of getting his family out of the extreme poverty in the ghetto.

He shared his footballing vision with his cousin who had the same passion for the game and they would train together every night, running in the streets to build up stamina and keep fit. They were soon spotted by a football coach who offered them free training while being impressed by their late night street training.

One factor which aided the rise of Inky Johnson was his discipline, dedication and hard work, which was evident in the fact that he stayed back after training practicing some extra football drills. During his college days, he was often mocked and jeered at because of his size and was told explicitly that he would not make it to the NFL as a result of his small stature rather he would end up like the rest of his family in prison.

Inky Johnson never had anyone to train him in college, but through struggle and adversity, he made it through college working part-time and playing the game that he loved.

After graduation from college, he received a phone call that changed his life – a call from his coach who called to inform him that he had been selected as a projected top 30 draft pick. In one season, Johnson became a multi-millionaire and had enough money to bring his family out of poverty.

What Happened To Him?

In tragic circumstances, his football career came to an end in 2006 while he was still playing at the University of Tennessee. During this particular game against the Airforce Falcons, a routine tackle from an opponent turned into a career-ending, and life-threatening disaster and in a matter of seconds, his NFL dream was over as the injury permanently paralyzed his right arm.

Johnson to his credit showed great character and did not let his injury keep him down for too long, as he went on to study Psychology and is now a professional speaker who inspires millions of individuals around the world. As a motivational speaker, he speaks at schools, community centers and various ceremonies across the United States. Johnson has been the keynote speaker at numerous events and occasions but most notably was the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Inky Johnson’s Net worth 

It is somewhat difficult to ascertain the net worth of a man like Inky Johnson as he makes his earnings from traveling from state to state speaking at numerous events. In accordance with the United States Big Speak, a basic motivational speaker charges within the range of $10,000 to $20,000 which should bring his net worth to around $1 million.

Family – Father, Wife

Inky Johnson was raised by his mother and grandmother, he, however, makes reference to meeting his biological father while he set to get into the NFL. His dad whose name isn’t known was also a sportsman. He recounts how he taught him vital life lessons about tapping into his inner reserves to excel.

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Inky Johnson met and fell in love with his wife, Allison, while still in school and the couple decided to take the next step and get married. They wedded on the 9th of April in 2011, and have been blessed with two beautiful children; a daughter named Jada and a son who shares his name – Inky Jr. They live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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