Is Shawn Mendes Married Or Dating Anyone At The Moment?

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Is Shawn Mendes married; is he involved with anyone or is he gay? These are some of the questions that his fans are craving answers to and it’s not surprising that his admirers want to know all these, considering the fact that the romantic relationships of celebrities are always an interesting part of their lives. Keep reading to learn everything that is worth knowing about the singer’s love life and much more.

Speculations About Shawn Mendes’ Sexuality

On a global scale, there has been a revolution in the way that the topic of sex and sexuality is discussed, with more people open and willing to talk about their sexual proclivities. The norm for people who are often in the limelight, especially entertainers, is to be open about their sexual leanings. In situations where they are not forthcoming, fans often fill the blanks themselves.

For Shawn Mendes, who has been one of the celebrities not open to discussing their sexualities, the blank has been filled with many speculations. Questions bordering around his sexual orientation began circulating in 2016, it was only a matter of time before the musician learned that people think there’s something gay about him.

This assumption annoyed him to no ends, forcing him to take to Snapchat to air his annoyance with the obsession with his sexuality. He made it clear that he was not gay but the assumption was not the problem he had. His major issue was the fact that no one was minding their business. Mendes believes that his sexuality does not add or take away from his skill as a musician or a model, and for him, his artistry and music are all that matter, not his sexuality.

Despite addressing the issue, rumors continued to spread, with some people claiming that he’s bisexual. In 2018 after put up a video of her putting eye shadow on him, it fanned the flames even more. When Rolling Stone featured him on the cover of their November 2018 issue, Shawn Mendes once again had to address these rumors. In all, his sexuality has been a matter of speculations but is Shawn Mendes married? Let’s find out together.

Is Shawn Mendes Married Or Dating Anyone At The Moment?

During his interview with Rolling Stone, the singer stated that dating a woman was the only way to make people believe he’s not attracted to men sexually. 2019 came and he started dating , another pop star like him.

Cabello used to be a member of the now-defunct group, Fifth Harmony, where she was the lead singer. She left the group to start her solo career in 2016, and her exit led to the complete breakup of the group.

Cabello and Shawn Mendes had always had a musical relationship which began in 2015 with both of them collaborating on the song, I Know What You Did Last Summer. When the song was released, they were questioned about their relationship, if they had any romantic interest in each other but both of them responded by stating that they were in the “friendzone”. They continued to be friends, supporting each other’s careers and advancements in life.

In 2017, they released a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me and once again promised fans that they were nothing more than just friends and planned to remain so. By June of 2019, the duo released their second song together, Senorita. This time it was clear that something is going on between them but none of them was saying anything yet.

They continued to be cryptic about the nature of their relationship until late in July when they were captured kissing in Miami. In August, they confirmed that they were dating and in that same month, they performed Senorita live for the first time. The performance was at the 2019 MTV VMAs and it has been described as steamy.


However, the ghost of the rumors about Shawn Mendes’ being gay haunts their relationship with a good number of individuals insisting that their relationship is fake and a cover-up for his homosexuality. The sentiment has been expressed on social media platforms and the musicians often respond by blocking the people insinuating this. So is Shawn Mendes married? You have all the info you need to answer that question here.

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