Is Thomas Beaudoin Married, Gay, or Has a Girlfriend? Who is His Wife?

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Sometimes, we get so caught up in Hollywood personalities and we forget there are stars in film industries across the globe who have risen to the summit of their country’s entertainment space. In America’s closest neighbor and Hollywood’s business partner, Canada, there are stars who haven’t had the opportunity to express themselves in front of an American audience but are a prominent face in Canada’s local scene. Thomas Beaudoin is one of such stars, shining brightly in his own corner of the planet.


Thomas Beaudoin was born on August 21, 1981, into a middle-class family in Quebec City, Canada. As a function of his environment, Thomas is fluent in French and English. He was raised in a family of five alongside two sisters in Drummondville.

Details about his foundational education are currently unknown but we know he attended Concordia University in Montreal to study Psychology, a long time interest of his. He, however, failed to complete his degree and left Montreal for New York in pursuit of an acting career.

When he got to New York, he channeled his extremely good looks into modeling for a few brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban and Escada. While he lived life as a model, letting his good looks pay his bills while he lived in New York, he enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. After some years of honing his skills at Lee Strasberg, Thomas began to audition for roles in film and theatre and of course, it did not fail.

Within a short period of auditioning, Thomas Beaudoin secured his first acting role off Broadway. He was cast in plays like Orpheus Descending, a Tennessee Williams play, Cuisine & Dependances by Jaoui & Bacri’s, La Dame Aux Camelias by Dumas. His performances in these plays allowed him to secure appearances in several other film projects like Other Plans, The Spirit of Christmas, Love’s Last Resort, Off the Rails, among others.

In 2016, at the behest of film director, Yves Christian Fournier, he auditioned for the role of Dick Séguin for the show, Blue Moon. He was cast as the character and he played it rather well on the show for two seasons. He has also had guest appearances on NBC’s show, The Blacklist. One of his prominent projects, Hubert et Fanny received raved reviews from critics and audiences. He played one of the title leads, Hubert Morin, a mysterious tattoo artist.

Thomas Beaudoin’s charmingly good looks have drawn a comparison to other Canadian actors like ,  who are making it big in Hollywood. His great looks was a contributory factor when he secured the role of the young husband of Florence in the 2018 film When Love Digs a Hole as directed by Ara Ball.

So far in his career, he has starred in over 15 projects, across film, television, and theatre. He has not been nominated for an award thus far but his career projection suggests that will change in the near future.

Outside of his love for acting, Thomas Beaudoin also loves photography and cinematography. He enjoys outdoor activities like rock climbing and manual work, he is also a hockey fan and he plays with his friends for fun. His extensive range of physical activities also includes learning Krav-Maga, a fighting style.

Still for fun, Thomas Beaudoin is a huge fan of motorcycles and he has partnered with the organization, Gentleman’s Rides to raise money for several charities. He is also a piano player, which he portrayed in the film, The Spirit of Christmas.


Is Thomas Beaudoin Married, Gay, or Has a Girlfriend? – Who Is His Wife?

When a man looks like Thomas Beaudoin, standing at 6 feet with a fit low-fat body and a weight of 83 kg, accentuated with green-blue eyes and dark brown hair, and he’s publicly single, it draws rumors about his sexuality, especially when he’s in the entertainment industry. Despite the unfortunate stereotype of handsome men as homosexuals, Thomas is a straight man even though he is currently single.

He has a chosen to focus on his career instead. He has never been married and from all indication, has never been in a relationship since he started his professional career, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon for the Quebec born actor.

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