Its Just Luke – Bio, Why Did He Delete His Channel, What Happened To Him?

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Its Just Luke is a US-based vlogger, internet sensation and media mogul who gained widespread popularity for his comical video which he uploads on his YouTube channel It’s Just Luke. He is very popular among his peers and has almost 12,000 subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel and more than 280,000 subscribers on his second channel Luke Abercrombie.

You would be right to call him a comedian since his videos have a lot of humour and are deliberately made to make people laugh. He manages to do this in a 6-seconds video where he creates content with the sole aim of making people laugh. Ever since he became popular, people started to ask questions about him, as many seek to know more of his personal life, how he spent his childhood, who his family members are and how the young lad earns money.

It’s Just Luke’s Bio

The talented comedian was born on February 26, 2000, in a town in the US, the details about his childhood are currently not available and still under review. The information about his parents are not yet available to the media, but we do know that his folks are separated and that he spent his childhood with his four siblings, two of whom happens to be his sisters – Megan and Sara and the other two his brothers – Kyle and Tery. He is a citizen of the United States and belongs to the White ethnicity.

Sadly, there are no details regarding his school history, but judging from his success so far, he is a very smart and wise young lad who inspires others to follow their passion.

Luke uploaded his first video on the mobile app Vine in the middle of September in the year 2014, this video lasted for only six seconds but was funny enough to earn him over a thousand followers. He first hit the mark of a thousand followers the next month, after his first ever video upload, he later went ahead to gather over 10,000 by April of 2015 which is very impressive.

One of his most memorable comical videos was the one of him doing an impression of another YouTube star and fellow Vine member , his ability to perfectly imitate the internet star left a very long lasting memory in the minds of people.

Why Did Luke Delete His Channel?

In 2016, Luke deleted his YouTube channel which had his fans devastated as they didn’t know the reason why the YouTube star would delete his videos. But Luke, on June 7, 2018, came back to YouTube as Luke Abercrombie where he did a 9-minute video, explaining why he deleted his YouTube channel. According to him, he was at that time in the darkest place in his life. He explained that he was depressed and hated himself while being alone and would lock himself up in his room, watching only YouTube videos. He said that he had no friends and thought that dying at that time was something he wanted.

But the main reason he deleted his channel seems to be due to a disagreement with his mum on how she handled their financial problems.

What Happened To Its Just Luke?

According to him, after he realized that the hype for Vine was dying down, he quit the mobile app and focused solely on uploading YouTube videos, he stated that he was earning a lot of money from his YouTube channel and was giving all that money to his mother due to the fact that they were not that rich and was living in a basement.

After severally giving all his money to her for some years, he did not understand why they were still living in a basement and could barely feed, he confronted his mum about it, they had an argument which led him to delete his YouTube account and left his mother’s house but that did not work out well for him either, he then moved to his grandparent’s house where his sister was. This was where he received a lot of love which cured him of his depression.

Luke relaunched his YouTube channel under a new name with his most popular uploads being the recreation of his most memorable Vine videos titled ‘Recreating Our Iconic Vines’ which gathered over 3.4 million views.

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