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J Hus is one of the top rappers of the recent era. The skilled UK rapper and singer gained huge prominence for his 2017 stirring hit single “Did You See”. His music mixes the London’s nicest beats and strong Afro-beats vibe with dancehall and grime to create something entirely new. Besides his thrilling songs, there is so much to learn about this energetic star.  Find out below.

J Hus Biography (Wiki, Age, Family)

Born on 26 May 1995 as Momoduo Jallow, J Hus grew up in his birthplace, Stratford. As per his ethnicity, he has both Ghanian and Gambia ethnic background. His biological father is of Ghanaian descent while his mom is Gambian. The British national was raised single-handedly by his Gambian mom. There are no known siblings linked to J Hus although some reports claim he has a younger sister. J Hus has a step-dad which means his single mom later found love in the arms of another man. J Hus has been a hustler for a long time such that while in school, the big-time hustler was selling marked-up doughnuts in the playground. As a result, he earned a hustler reputation in school and because he was widely known as J those days, Hus was added to his name – explaining the “Hus” in his moniker.

J Hus began his musical career in 2013, but felt frustrated at some point and almost quit music because he wasn’t getting the result he anticipated.

He started all over in 2015, releasing several of his freestyles videos online. Among the videos are StreetHeat, Rated (a piece he created by sampling French Montana’s “Don’t Panic” and “Want From Me”), and GRM daily.

He also released Dem Boy Paigon which made internet waves; drawing the attention of people like Ajay Rose of The Link Up, who described it as an amazing mix of Afro-beat Sound and Lyrical rap.  By the first quarter of the same year, J Hus dropped Westwood Crib Session he did with MoStack.

The session, which played a big role in making him a household name in Britain was followed by the release of “Lean and Bop”. Fortunately, “Lean and Bop” soon broke some records with six million streaming. With such massive favourable outcome, J Hus was prompted to drop “Daily Duppy” around the same time. However after he released 15th Day, a mixtape, he also did around the same time, the rapper went through some distress as he was stabbed five times in London. The attack landed him in a hospital in September 2015.

After recovery from his injuries in 2016, J Hus returned to the musical sphere with a more determined spirit dropping “Friendly” in 2016. The song was nominated for the the same year for its accomplishment. Other J Hus 2016 hits include” Liar Liar”, “Solo One” and “Playing Sports”. Solo One was widely embraced by J Hus’s fans, landing it on Brotherhood soundtrack.


In 2017, J Hus released his debut album “Common Sense” and electrified his fans once more. His widely acclaimed debut album got him on number 3 on the iTunes chart.

The reigning prince of English rap circle also released another album “One Foot Out” in 2017.

J Hus’ musical success is one that may not dwindle anytime soon. The English rap icon is already mingling with big names. In 2017, he featured Nines, another popular English rapper in Higher Roller. He also appeared on and Ghetts Bad Boys (from his album Gang Signs and prayer which was rated number 22 on UK Singles Chart). J Hus also featured on Dave’s Samantha (number 63 on the same Chart). His solo song “” was also another commercial success, appearing at the number 9 on Uk Singles Chart. The song is also considered by many fans as the top song in his 2017 debut album Common Sense. The album includes features from Mo Stack, Tiggs da Author, and MIST.

On Jan 13th he was nominated for the 2018 Brits Awards for three different categories including Mastercard British Album, British Single, and British Break.

Currently, the British recording artist is signed to Black Butter Records. According to the rapper, his biggest inspiration came from listening to 50-cent but he was convinced to become a professional rapper after his friends decided to help train him. They later became the manager of his career (2k Management).

J Hus Net Worth

Considering the number of years he has been consistently active in the musical world, J has seen huge success. His net worth is estimated at $150,000 in 2017 from $85,000 in 2016. He raised the money through the selling of his albums and songs.

Quick Facts

Birth date: May 26, 1995.

Sexual orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Body Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown although he is presumed to be standing at 5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

Birth Sign: Gemini

Net worth:  $150 thousand dollars

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