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Jacob Sartorius was Predicted by the Business Insider to be the next Justin Bieber. He is an American teenage cyber star and singer who became famous and gained a lot of fans by lip-syncing popular songs by artists like John Legend on Musical.ly; highlighting the vast array of opportunities that exist on social media.

Jacob Sartorius is also a songwriter, he has written all his songs so far and is also pretty good at playing the guitar. With millions of followers across social media, a couple of hit songs and award nominations to his credit, Jacob is definitely one to watch.

Jacob Sartorius’ Parents, Sister

Jacob was born Rolf Jacob Sartorius on the 2nd of October 2002 in Oklahoma, he would, however, be put up for adoption by his birth parents shortly after he was born because they couldn’t afford to raise him. After he was adopted, he relocated along with his new family to Reston, Virginia and was raised there.

Not much is known about the identity of his birth parents or adopted parents, but it is a known fact that his adopted mom doubles as his manager and has appeared on a couple of his Vine videos. Jacob has an elder sister named Caroline and that’s about all the information we have on her at the moment.

T3 Music Group

Jacob Sartorius was signed by T3 Music Group and released his first single titled Sweatshirt on the 3rd of May 2016 and it did very well peaking at 90 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and 81 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.

He followed up his debut single with another single titled Hit or Miss which was even more successful than its predecessor, peaking at 72 in the US and 76 in Canada. Jacob would go on to release an Extended Play (EP) titled The Last Text in digital download format on the 20th of January 2017. The Last Text EP had 8 tracks including Sweatshirt and Hit or Miss. It was an overall success peaking at 32 in the US, 33 in Canada, and as high as 4 in New Zealand.


EP – Left Me Hangin’

On the 6th of October 2017, Jacob released another EP titled Left me Hangin’ with 2 tracks; Hit Me Back ft Blackbear and Skateboard. Sadly, this EP has not been as successful as its predecessor. Towards the end of 2017, Jacob dropped a Christmas inspired song titled Cozy and it had a fair reception.

Jacob has been on 3 tours. All My Friends Tour (2016), The Last Text Tour (2017), and The Left Me Hangin’ Tour (2017) promoting his EP’s and singles. He has been selected to be the opening act for British pop rock band, The Vamps on their 2018 Night & Day Tour. Jacob has also been nominated for a number of awards but is yet to win one, we are optimistic that he will win a couple in the future considering the fact that he is still young and improving his craft.

Jacob Sartorius Girlfriend

Jacob is still in his teens, so a degree of radio silence as regards his love life is expected but apparently, the reverse is the case. The teenage sensation was guilty of tweeting severally about his dire need for a girlfriend in 2016 and has managed to spark up juicy conversations in chat rooms and social media platforms as regards his relationship status.

While some people believe his first girlfriend was fellow teen internet personality, Loren Gray; in September 2017, Jacob was rumored to be dating Disney Channel star, Jenna Ortega. His tweets seemed to subtly give credence to this rumor and when the pair started posting pictures of themselves together on their respective Instagram accounts, fans of both Jacob and Jenna were sent into a wild frenzy. On Jacobs Instagram account alone, the pictures had over 1 million likes and over 50 thousand comments within hours of posting them. The pictures enjoyed a similar amount of traffic on Jenna’s Instagram account as well.


Is Jacob Sartorius Dating Millie Bobby Brown?

Rumors of Jacob dating Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown hit the internet as Fans and bloggers alike have been piecing together subtle facts that suggest the pair are now an item. Millie and Jacob, whether consciously or otherwise have been leaving breadcrumbs on Twitter and Instagram that seem to be leading fans and onlookers to the conclusion that they have been struck by Cupid’s love arrow. Millie’s fans, however, are not impressed by this rumor as they strongly believe she can do better.

Jacob Sartorius is a good-looking chap and his endearment by the opposite sex is totally understood, so we expect to hear more rumors regarding his love life as he grows older.


Height, Net Worth, House

Jacob is believed to be 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a fit slim build. His net worth has been estimated to be around 300 thousand USD which is mostly proceeds from online ads on his YouTube account as well as listens from his Spotify account and lives in a comfortable bungalow with his adopted family in Reston, Virginia.

Other Facts

Entertainment has always been an inherent characteristic of Jacob Sartorius. At the early age of 7, Jacob began performing in his school’s musical theatre even though this exposed him to bullying. He had to change schools severally, but his passion for entertainment could not be suppressed. With the advent of Vine, Jacob was presented with a means of showcasing his creativity and knack for shooting funny videos. Vine also helped him to better express himself, build self-confidence, and address/overcome the awful effects of bullying.

Although his Vines were quite popular, Jacob only gained prominence when he delved into lip-syncing on the Musical.ly app in 2014. Within a short period of time, he became one of the most successful lip-syncers on Musical.ly with over 18 million followers. Jacob capitalized on this attention he was getting and decided to put his singing skills to work.

Social Media And Fans

Jacob has over 8 million followers on Instagram, over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers and over 4 million fans in 61 countries who listened to his songs for over 2 million hours on Spotify in 2017. With such an amazingly strong fan base, his exceptional voice as well as his amiable desire to succeed, we strongly believe the best is yet to come for Jacob Sartorius.

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