Jake Paul’s Age and How He Achieved an Estimated Net Worth of $11.5 Million

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Jake Paul, the Team 10 founder hit fame quite early in life. He is an actor, YouTuber, and internet personality. With the height of success he has attained, many are left wondering if the YouTuber is really as young as he claims to be. He rose to fame on the now-defunct 6-seconds video app, Vine where he earned 5.3 million followers and 2 billion plays by the time the app shut down. After the app shut down, he effortlessly transitioned to YouTube where he began to build his followership.

Despite being the subject of controversies due to his unruly and inappropriate behavior, people, especially teenagers, love his style of entertainment and more and more people join his fandom daily. Forbes named him one of the highest-paid YouTubers in 2017 with a net worth of $11.5 million. You would find out Jake Paul’s age and how the internet sensation makes his millions if you read on.

What is Jake Paul’s Age?

The younger of two brothers, Jacob Joseph Paul, better known to us as was born to a nurse, Pamela Ann Stepnick (née Meredith) and realtor on 17th January 1997, in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States. His older brother, is an even bigger YouTube than he is.

Before he found his niche on the internet and clicked on fame, he thought seriously about becoming a professional wrestler. He was a competitive wrestler while attending Westland High School in Cleveland and also trained to be a Navy Seal. However, before long, Jake Paul developed another interest, directing. He started uploading small online videos and launched his own Vine channel in 2013 where he became an instant hit.

On his One Take Jake account, he attracted 1 million followers in just 5 months courtesy of his knack to perform difficult stunts such as jumping over a car in just one take, while creating his Vines. By the time the app went defunct, his followership has gone over the roof, to more than 5 million with over 2 million plays. Paul also earned a Shorty Award nomination in the category of Vineographer.

He has since moved to YouTube where he created an eponymous channel, the same year he started on Vine. His channel is ranked among the most popular channels in the social media circle, with over 19.6 million subscribers and more than 6 million views. Besides his success on the internet, he has also utilized his talents in the acting industry where he has a number of projects to his credit.

In 2016, Jake Paul was cast as Dirk on Disney Channel’s comedy series, alongside and . However, he was dropped from the series after two seasons, for unknown reasons but was in the least disturbed about the development when he confirmed the news on Twitter. He saw the drop as a blessing in disguise, saying that it would give him the time to focus on his personal brand, adult acting roles, his YouTube channel, and several other business endeavors.

He has also had roles in movies including Dance Camp, FOX Digital movie, Mono, Knights of Mayhem, as well as Airplane Mode where he was also credited as a screenplay writer, together with his brother, Logan. Now we know Jake Paul’s age, let’s find out how he made his millions.

How Did He Achieve an Estimated Net Worth of $11.5 Million?

Back in 2017, Jake Paul ranked number seven on Forbes list of Highest paid YouTubers with a net worth of $11.5 million. However, has since appreciated and is estimated to be between $19 million and $20 million.

He started climbing the ladder of success and fame on the now-defunct app, Vine, with his comic talent. However, the bulk of his earning comes from his YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos of his songs, vlogs, comedy skits, scary pranks as well as videos of him dissing other YouTubers including his elder brother, Logan.

With an understanding of the teenage market, Jake Paul launched Team 10, a group of 10 young social media influencers, to celebrate his 20th birthday, with an aim to create an influencer marketing management and creative agency around teen entertainment. The group live in his Calabasas mansion where they are expected to produce crazy, funny and creative videos.

Team 10 was reportedly launched with $1 million from investors like Vayner Capital, Adam Zeplain, Sound Ventures & A-Grade Investments, Danhua Capital, and Horizons Alpha. The success of Team 10 has further boosted his net worth. Paul also earns greatly from the sales of different merchandises such as hoodies, inner wears, caps, t-shirts, inner wears, and several accessories on his website.

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