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Without a doubt, James Fitzgerald is one of the most famous crime fighters in the United States of America. Professionally identified as a criminal profiler and forensic linguist, he has lent his wealth of knowledge to several high profile cases and has been instrumental to the arrest of various criminals. He is a retired FBI agent, best known for the essential role he played in the 18-year Unabomber investigation, which ultimately led to the capture of the renowned criminal Ted Kaczynski. He was so influential and great at his job that a television series was made about him and his hunt for one of the most dangerous criminals of recent times in the history of America. The series called Manhunt: Unabomber aired on the Discovery Channel.

He is also an author with several published works to his name, all of which are focused on the experiences and knowledge he has gained from working in the field of criminal investigations and forensic linguistics. Although he is now retired, Fitzgerald has not given up on his line of work. He currently works as an adjunct lecturer, as well as an advisor and consultant on television productions such as the shows Sleepy Hollow and Criminal Minds.

Who is James Fitzgerald and How Old is He?

James Fitzgerald was born on June 24, 1953, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents were middle-class citizens who lived in a town called Olney. His mother was a full-time housewife, while his father worked at Gas Works. He went to high school in his neighbourhood, before going on to Pennsylvania State University where he studied Criminal Justice. After his graduation, he went to work as a store detective in a major department store in town. A year later, he joined the police force. Fitzgerald began working as a patrolman for the Bensalem Police Department in 1976

With 11 years in the police force, a series of promotions, and numerous arrests, Fitzgerald decided it was time to move on to something bigger so, he joined the FBI. He graduated from Quantico in 1988 and became an FBI agent. He was sent to New York City where he became involved in investigations of kidnappings, bank robberies, extortions, aggravated assaults, and other violent federal crimes. After a while, he decided to become a criminal profiler.

This led to him working on the Unabomber case, the DC Sniper case, the death of JonBenet Ramsey, the Anthrax investigation, and other notorious cases of violence. He was one of the leading criminal profilers and forensic linguists in the game. Fitzgerald retired from the FBI in 2007 but he has continued to work in his field of expertise. He is a member of a company called Academy Group where he does forensic analysis and investigations. He is active in the Hollywood scene as a technical advisor and consultant on crime dramas. Fitzgerald also serves as the executive producer and co-host for the show Killer Profile.

The renowned criminal profiler has published three memoirs, a tripartite series titled A Journey to the Centre of the Mind.

Details of His Family: Who is The Wife If Married?

James Fitzgerald is not married at the moment but he is not a single man either. He is engaged to Natalie Schilling, an author and linguistics professor who works at Georgetown University, Washington. The two are very much in love and are frequently photographed holding on to each other’s arms at events. They are yet to announce when their wedding will be taking place, but it is expected to happen very soon.

Before Fitzgerald met his soon-to-be wife, Natalie, he used to be married. However, due to the pressures and demands of his job as an FBI agent, the marriage came under a lot of stress. He had to be away from his family for extended periods of time, which eventually led to a divorce from his wife. However, before it imploded, the union was blessed with three sons named Sean, Dan, and Ryan Fitzgerald. Thanks to his son, Dan, Fitzgerald welcomed his first grandchild, a girl named Brynn Aoife Fitzgerald, born in August 2017.

Other Interesting Facts About James Fitzgerald

1. Fitzgerald is regularly invited to speak at events and conferences. He also holds meet and greets, as well as book-signing events to promote his books and have a friendly conversation with his fans.

2. His granddaughter is the first girl born to his family in 76 years.

3. As a young man, he never envisaged that he would end up having a career in law enforcement.

4. He has earned a respectable wealth over the years from his work as an agent and private consultant but his net worth has been left to speculations.

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