James Franco’s Brothers, Girlfriend And Wife

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A family that acts together… is awesome and that family is the Franco family. Today it’s not just about the star in question though, we are showing some love to James Franco’s brothers and the woman in his life. Sit tight as we check it out.

James Franco’s Brothers

It’s not news that James is not an only child, the Spiderman actor has two younger brothers, Tom and Dave Franco. Theirs is a family embedded in the show business and you will soon find out how as we check them both out.

James Franco’s Brothers; Tom Franco

Tom is the brother we don’t get to hear enough about, the middle child was born on April 14, 1980 and James must have paved the acting path for him too. His acting debut was in the comedy horror film ‘Basket Case 2’ in 1990, he subsequently appeared in  ‘A Peace of History’ (2005) and ‘The Devil Wears a Toupee’ (2007).

History is about to be made though because, for the first time all the Franco brothers are about to appear in a movie together. Yes, you read it right and we got this information from the horse’s mouth, the horse being James. He took to Instagram to post an unrecognizable picture captioned, ‘All 3 Franco Brothers in 1 crazy movie!!! #thedisasterartist.”

Apart from Tom’s knacker for acting, the second Franco brother followed his passion for art and founded Berkeley’s Firehouse Art Collective, alongside his wife, Julia Lazar Franco, who passed away in 2014.The brothers have all appeared together on several occasions and we still can’t get over the fact that there are three of them.

Well enough about Tom, let’s move on to the younger Franco brother, who is becoming quite a big deal.

James Franco’s Brothers; Dave Franco

When we look at Dave Franco we see a young man is stepping out of his brother’s shadow and is undoubtedly casting his own. He was born on June 12, 1985 and began his acting career with small roles like ‘Greg the Soccer Player’ in Superbad and ‘Sully’ in Charlie St. Cloud. The actor, was more widely recognized for his role as Eric Molson in ’21 Jump Street’.

Dave is the last of three brothers and explains the ‘last born’ experience as being quite interesting because he got to learn plenty of things at an early age. His brothers let him watch racy movies and experience things that a boy his age should probably not have, but we can all attest to the fact that he turned out just fine.

His most common on screen persona’s are guys that audiences love to hate, check it out; On Scrubs he played Cole, a snotty, rich medical student, in 21 Jump Street, he was the popular high schooler Eric, who sold drugs on the side.

Here’s what he said on the topic during an interview with GQ, ‘Once I was complaining about it to someone, and they said, ‘It’s because you have an asshole face.’ I was like, ‘Um, thank you. Thank you very much.’

Dave is currently engaged to Community actress, Alison Brie, the couple has been together for a little over 4 years and engaged for over a year. We are still waiting for wedding invitations but most people may not have the luxury of that as the stars might be planning to elope.

That’s all we have on the topic of James Franco’s brothers, now onto the next one.

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James Franco’s Girlfriend

The actor has earned quite the reputation of a ladies man and to be honest no one knows exactly who he is dating at this point in time. Sometime in June this year, the actor was spotted with a mystery lady while leaving Fiat Cafe in New York City. Yeah, we know we could be jumping to conclusions, but the two looked a little too comfy to be ‘just friends’.

According to the Daily Mail, they took selfies together, James had his arm wrapped around her and she happily tucked her head under Franco’s bicep. They were laughing, joking and acting like a love struck couple walking down the streets of little Italy.

Before his mystery lady ( we are not even sure if they are dating) came into the picture, the actor had been linked to many-a-women and a man. Some of them are rumors, some are fact, either way the oldest Franco brother is currently single (we think).

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