Jamie Chua – Husband, Daughter & Facts About the Singaporean Socialite

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Fans call her the Queen of Instagram and you would agree that Jamie Chua, the Singaporean businesswoman, fashion influencer and popular socialite, completely merits the name. Jamie’s wardrobe can best be described as the dream of every young woman, containing luxurious bits and pieces of fashion which can never be found elsewhere and her collection of Birkin bags is the icing on the cake. The shrewd businesswoman is not just popular for her uncountable shoes and bags; there are still some unknown facts about the celebrated socialite.

Jamie Chua Husband, Daughter

Jamie’s personal life is an open book; she met and married Nurdian Cuaca – Indonesian businessman when she was 20 years old and working with an airline as a flight attendant. Although they are currently divorced, their union gave birth to two children – a son Cleveland and a daughter Calista. Her husband became a billionaire while they were still married and after the divorce, Jamie filed for a very fat monthly alimony of $450,000 but it was later settled out of court. According to reports, it was Jamie who filled for a divorce upon discovery that her husband of 15 years was cheating on her.

Presently, the beautiful socialite appears to be in a relationship with an unidentified guy whom she is constantly seen with on Instagram. According to Jamie, her current boyfriend protects her like a mother, takes care of her like a father, is supportive like her daughter, as well as endearing like her son.

Facts About The Singaporean Socialite

Her Career Achievements

Although she started working with Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant, she stopped after her marriage to join Nurdian Cuaca in business. Along with her spouse, she owned and managed a shoe company named Cloud 9 Lifestyle. The foremost Manolo Blahnik Shoe Company in South-East Asia was opened by her in 2007 at the Hilton Hotel and 2010 saw her opening another one at the Marina Bay Sands.

Luminous1 owned by Jamie Chua as her own skincare line was opened in 2015; she also has a luxury goods resale business, The Closet Raider to her credit. Q Aesthetics Clinic has her as a co-owner, as well as a brand ambassador.

Net Worth

Jamie married and divorced a rich man and it hit her ex-spouse where it hurts the most; his wallet. It is not a surprise that Jamie’s wealth skyrocketed after the divorce settlement but how much exactly is she worth?

Before their much-publicized divorce, Jamie was already a millionaire with her net worth was listed as $15 million with $80 million tied up in private investment. The settlements she demanded made the headlines in 2011 and according to reports, her demand was an astounding $450,000 child and spousal support on a monthly basis. The alimony was later settled out of court and the amount was never made public but the grapevine listed it as $332,000 monthly.

Jamie Chua’s net worth may not be known but all her assets put together runs into millions of dollars. She co-owns houses both in Hong Kong and Sentosa worth $79.2 million and $14 .6 million respectively. The socialite is the proud owner of a large collection of Hermes Birkin bags and the name alone exudes wealth and prestige. One of her bags is worth $65,000 and the entire collection is estimated at £1.6 million which is approximately $22 million.

This queen of Instagram keeps a very expensive wardrobe among a plethora of other things including the likes of diamonds, luxury products, latest designer brands, as well as some exclusive pieces which can never be found elsewhere. The beauty-conscious internet sensation lavishes approximately $17, 000 monthly on beauty products, as well as spa treatment just to look young and glowing.

Although she has said in the past that she was not going to spoil her children with expensive gifts, Jamie Chua still went ahead to gift her son a Range Rover which is worth over $270,000.


Body Statistics

The beautiful socialite stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm, weighing a corresponding 54 kg or 119 lbs in body mass. She sports shiny black hair and her eyes are also black in colour. Jamie is one of the celebs with a penchant for luxurious outfits and paraphernalia. Her closet is simply a magical place for all things exclusive, in fact, it is every girl’s dream and simply out of this world. Jamie is seen in nothing short of the hottest off-the- catwalk looks. Her ever young body consumes thousands of dollars in maintenance on a monthly basis.

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