Jason Genao Age, Height, Bio, Other Facts About The On My Block Actor

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If you’ve watched the latest Netflix series On My Block, you should be familiar with the name Jason Genao. He acted as that annoying Mexican smarty-pants who loves to show off simply because he knows a little plus and minus. You probably know him better as Ruby Martinez.

Jason Genao Bio (Age)

At first, he had a bit of struggle with the name thing. He didn’t know which to settle for between ‘Jayson’ and ‘Jason’. In fact, a few of his earlier projects like Ladrones were accredited to Jayson in 2015. Afterwards, he made up his mind and stuck to Jason. So, we will start by addressing him by his chosen name “Jason Genao” which is pronounced “Jay-son Ja-nay-oh”.

The On My Block actor was born on the 3rd of July, 1996 and is of Dominican-American descent. He was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey but currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. Jason schooled at William L. Dickson High School and speaks English, Spanish and French fluently.

Jason Genao has always wished to become an actor, it was his childhood dream and he acted in a lot of school plays while in high school. However, for reasons best known to him, he stayed away from the camera for a while. It all changed after he watched a French movie, his passion was reignited. Jason soon kicked off his career with Ladrones. Even after he joined the cast, Jason desired to do more than the ordinary. Thus, he enrolled in an acting school in 2016.

After making his first screen appearance in 2015 as Wiliams Reeves in Ladrones, he went on to have his debut TV show in Law & Order. This was in 2016. From there, he moved on to the French film La Vie en Rose. The big break came still in 2016 with the Netflix musical drama, The Get Down. His performance in that movie was jaw-dropping. Thereafter, Jason appeared in the action film Logan in 2017 which massively increased his fan base. That’s not all, he featured in the TV program Noches on Platanito then, the famous On My Block in March 2018.


Height and Other Facts About The On My Block Actor

1. His Body Features

This handsome hottie weighs 55 kg (121 Ib) and isn’t quite on the tall side with a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meter). His body type is mesomorph and he is insanely fit with a 36 inches broad chest line. That’s one athletic body! Jason’s dark brown hair and brown eyes are the icings on the cake.

2. Earnings and Net Worth

We do not have all the details that would help us estimate Jason’s net worth. But roughly, an estimate of his income reads between $10,000 and $13,000 for each movie episode. That should amount to a fortune of about $150-200 thousand.

The actor earns his bread from his various acting gigs which we believe pays handsomely. He is still at the dawn of his career, the fame just kicked in and there is still more to come. While a previous release of his bank statement gives a hint that he is quite comfortable, the actor prefers to keep mum about the extent of wealth he has accumulated.

As Jason climbs the ladder of success, we look forward to more accolades and cash in the bank. His most profiting role is probably that of Rictor in the 2017 movie Logan. The movie made an incredible box office collection of $619,012,436 across the globe over a budget of $97,000,000. Now, imagine the lot he took home from this.

3. His Family

This Jason is quite secretive with virtually everything. We don’t even know who his parents are for sure. But we do know he has a brother, Danny Genao.

4. Dating or Not?

It is known that Genao has a habit of flaunting exotic photos of himself and other female actresses on his Instagram. Yes! He is a bit of a bragger and with his good looks and charm, we except that he has his fair share of the female attention.

Surprisingly, Jason Genao does not have a girlfriend. All the women you see in those photos, none of them is ‘the one’. He is not married, dating or even having an affair. No children too. A crush? None that we know of.

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