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Quick Facts

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Jason Mantzoukas is an actor best known for his roles as Derek Hoffstetler in The Good Place, Nadal in The Dictator and Rafi in The League. His role as Rafi in FX comedy The League immediately endeared him to fans of the show both nationally and internationally. His character was obnoxious and borderline psychopathic. However, Jason managed to portray him as likable, making him an immediate fan favorite.

Jason has also appeared in Conception, Baby MamaI Hate Valentine’s Day, They Came Together and Sleeping With Other People but his breakout role was when he played Tan Pam in Dirty Grandpa which also starred  and .

Bio, Age, and Ethnicity

Jason Mantzoukas was born on the 18th of December, 1972 in Lynn, Massachusetts to William and Cynthia Mantzoukas. Though born in Lynn, he was raised near Nahant.

The actor’s ethnicity has often come into question, seeing as he can effortlessly pass as both Arab and Hispanic. However, the actor has revealed that he is of Greek descent. Though known for his acting abilities and his comedic timing, Jason is actually an accomplished drummer. He got his start at drumming while attending Swampscott High School.

His Career

As far as we can tell, Jason’d career kicked off at Middlebury College where he performed improvisational comedy. He later traveled to the Middle East and North Africa after college.

After school, he moved to New York and began performing regularly as a comedian at UCBT – Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. While at UCBT, he was a member of ‘Mother’, an improv team and one of the earliest house teams of the theatre. Despite his fame, he continues to teach at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles.

He has since appeared in Parks and RecreationModern FamilyThe Life & Times of TimKroll ShowBroad City and Enlightened. On The Kroll Show, he played Eagle Wing in the “Gigolo House” sketches.

In 2018, Jason became the new voice of  “Mr. Mucus” for the Mucinex commercials, replacing T.J. Miller.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is Jason Mantzoukas Married or Dating?

Jason Mantzoukas’s personal life right now is a thing of mystery and that is entirely by design, not to arouse curiosity but instead, the actor simply wants to keep his personal life private, which is a thing of rarity in the entertainment industry. Currently, no one knows about Jason’s personal dating history. No one knows if he is straight or gay, married or single, in a relationship, with a long-term partner or divorced.

You have to admit that it takes a certain amount of dedication to maintain that level of privacy in Hollywood, and as such, the privacy should be entitled.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Jason Mantzoukas’ weight is currently unknown although his height is listed at 5ft 10in (178 cm). However, the actor is in excellent shape so there is a certain level of assurance that he exercises and works out to maintain his physique. The actor, like many men in Hollywood, definitely puts in the effort to look good on camera.


Quick Facts About Jason Mantzoukas 

Below is a list of five random facts about the star that will completely surprise you.

1. Though he has frequently played unstable and near-deranged characters, he is actually quite opposite from the over the top personality he is known for.

2. In Swampscott High School, he was a member of a band- Slygoul. After Swampscott, he attended Middlebury College in Vermont. After graduating from College, Jason spent a couple of years as a Watson Fellow studying musicology in the Middle East.

Watson Fellows are recipients of The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship grant which enables graduating seniors to pursue independent study outside the United States for a year.

3. He was also a part of the comedy duo, “The Mantzoukas Brothers” with Ed Herbstman for a few years. Together, their performance was very well received and they were even named “Best Improv Duo” by Time Out New York.

4. The actor has also appeared in a recurring role as Dennis Feinstein in Parks and Recreation and Adrian Pimento on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Jason Mantzoukas also co-hosts How Did This Get Made? a popular film discussion podcast alongside June Diane Raphael and Paul Scheer.

5. He co-wrote the hit movie Ride Along with Greg Coolidge, Phil Hay, and Matt Manfredi. The film then starred and . The Greek-American actor has also been a producer and consulting writer on Portlandia and Children’s Hospital. 

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