Jay Alvarrez – Family Life & Facts About The Instagram Star and YouTuber

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Jay Alvarrez’s life story has been a roller coaster ride. He has experienced everything: passion, adventure, bliss, tragedy, and depression. Jay is a social media influencer with a huge following on Instagram and YouTube. The Hawaiian-born social media personality built his fame from his photography skills on Instagram. Alvarez regularly posts pictures and videos narrating his travels to luxury and exotic locations around the world while he videos his daring activities like skydiving, surfing, and skating.

He started with nothing at the age of 15 and today he has worked with some of the greatest fashion brands in the world while also trying out his hand at music production. Find out how he got to that height below.

Early Life

Nothing much is known about Jay’s life before he started trying to make a career from social media. The Hawaiian-born American came into the world on a little Island in Hawaii called Oahu. He was born on July 5, 1995.

Details of his birth and childhood years remain a mystery. He doesn’t really have much schooling experience as he dropped out at the age of 15, while still in the seventh grade.

Family Life

As earlier stated, Jay was born and raised in Oahu. It is also known that the vast majority of his family members also reside on the Hawaiian island. However, Jay has chosen to keep their identities a secret.

The only member of his family most of his fans know about is his mother. This is because the influencer speaks often about her. According to him, she was the most important person in his life and constituted the majority of his support system. Unfortunately, she died while Jay was just starting out with his dream of conquering social media.

Other Facts About The Instagram Star & YouTuber

1. Jay Alvarrez Was Inspired To Do Photography by a Girl Named Amber

Jay was still in school at the time he met Amber, the girl who inspired his passion for photography. Besides the fact that he was taken with her, the duo soon found out that there was an opportunity to make money with their creative skills including photography. This led to both of them dropping out of school while they were both in the seventh grade.

Alvarrez, who was 15 at the time, decided to pursue his passion away from his homeland of Hawaii. But to do this, he needed money to be able to survive on his own. This led to him taking almost any odd job he could find to be able to save up enough money. After he had saved enough, he started to travel to exotic locations around the world, documenting his travels with his camera.

2. His Mother’s Death Almost Derailed His Dream

Jay’s dream to become a freelance social media photographer was nearly cut short when he got the news of his mother’s death. She died in the same year he started his photography career. This was emotionally devastating for Alvarrez and threw him into depression.

Eventually, he got out of it and found a way to let his depression inspire his art. It was around this time that Jay also started posting pictures and videos of his travels and extreme sports activities on his social media accounts. He started with Tumblr before eventually moving to more suited platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

3. Jay Alvarrez Once Dated Alexis Ren

While chasing his career, the Hawaiian native also made time for romantic relationships. His first known relationship was with the popular Instagram model, Alexis Ren. It was argued that part of his social media success came due to the fact that he was dating her.

He started dating the model sometime in 2014 and they broke up two years later. There are rumours that after Alexis, Alvarrez also briefly dated model, Chase Miller. The timeline of their relationship is not known.

4. His Split From Alexis Ren Was Not Amicable

When the lovebirds called time on their budding romance, it didn’t take long before there was a fallout on social media.

Alexis went on Twitter to vent her anger at her ex-boyfriend in February 2017. She claimed that Jay had only broken up with her because she was no longer compatible with his business goals. She even went further to body shame him, saying some distasteful things about his privates. Jay issued a response to her rant, defending himself and dispelling all the claims she made about him and their relationship.

5. Jay Alvarrez Moved Back Home in 2017

While Jay was having the time of his life and recording massive career success, he started to feel homesick. He loved his many travels and adventures but he eventually started to miss his family and friends back home.

So in the summer of 2017, Jay bought himself a the perfect surf house on his childhood beach and moved back to Oahu. The social media influencer admitted that he suffers from Dyslexia and ADHD and that his return to Oahu has helped him maintain a balanced lifestyle.


6. He has Worked With Brands like Ralph Lauren And Armani

Over the course of his career, Jay Alvarrez has also gotten to work with some enviable brands. His social media popularity saw him bag modelling contracts with the likes of Express, Hyundai Tucson, and Calvin Klein among others.

In 2017, Jay signed an ambassadorship deal with Bonds swimwear. He has also collaborated on ad campaigns with the likes of Armani for Armani Exchange, and Ralph Lauren for Ralph Love Fragrance.

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