Jaye Davidson – Bio, Married, Net Worth, Where Is He Now?

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Jaye Davidson is best known for his role in the movie, The Crying Games. The movie was released in 1992 and he played the character of a transgender woman named Dil. It was his first acting role ever, nonetheless, the movie was an instant hit which endeared him to the producers as well as critics. Before acting, Davidson worked as an assistant in a fashion house and was in charge of picking fabrics and buttons at a Walt Disney Pluto Studio.

For his role in the movie, he got an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Also, he was nominated for National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor and the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Although he won no awards, he went down in history as the first biracial individual to be nominated for the British Academy Awards.

Davidson hated the fame that came with acting, hence, his decision to quit in 2009 after featuring in a miserly four films. He has an impressive net worth and is currently a model and fashion designer who resides in Paris with his husband. Yes, you guessed right! Jaye Davidson is an openly gay man. Find out more interesting facts about him in the following paragraphs.

Jaye Davidson’s Bio

Jaye Davidson is a biracial actor of Ghanian and British descent. His father was Ghanaian while his mother is English. He was born and named Alfred Amey in America – in the US state of California on March 21, 1968, and grew up in Hertfordshire, London. The names of his parents have not been revealed at this time. Records have it that his parents moved from the US to London when he was two years old. Jaye is very close to his mother who is a businesswoman but doesn’t say much about his late father who died when he was very young.

He dropped out of school early to pursue a career in fashion designing. Before he got a job at Walt Disney Pluto Costume Studio, he worked odd jobs including being a factory worker. It was during this period that he was spotted by one of the producers of the film, The Crying Games at a wrap party for the historical English movie, Edward II. His looks got him the attention and immediately he was seen as the perfect match for the role. And even though he was hesitant to take the role but after all other actors were screened out, he eventually did and it was an instant hit for him and the movie producers.

This happened in 1992 and two years later, in 1994, he featured in the film, Stargate, where he appeared as Ra, an alien impersonating a god. In the same year, he was seen on the cast of the television film, Jiggery Pokery. In 1996, he featured in a documentary titled Catwalk. His last appearance in a film project (and on-screen) was in the film titled The Borghilde Project in 2009. He quit acting because he hated the fame that came with it and currently resides in Paris where he works as a fashion designer and model.

Is Jaye Davidson Married?

Jaye Davidson is happily married to the only man he ever loved. He is one of the celebrities who have been open about their sexuality and have even gone ahead to make a statement by getting married in public as a gay man. He is currently married to Thomas Clarke. The couple got married in July 2017 and have been together since.

In some interviews, Jaye admitted that he had been open about his orientation his whole life and his first acting role as a transgender affirmed this. He also disclosed that when he was younger, he was not found attractive by gay men because he was lanky and didn’t have the muscles they admired. He, however, changed that when he hit the gym and got a more gay-appealing look.


How Much Is His Net Worth?

Jaye Davidson appeared in only four movies (and a documentary) in his short-lived foray in the film industry and there are no statistical records of all payments he got for his roles. However, most of his movies were critically acclaimed and commercially successful. For his role in Stargate, he was paid a whopping $1 million. Asides his income from his screen career, he has been a fashionista for a very long time and is currently a model. Jaye is estimated to be worth between $1-1.5 million.

Where Is Jaye Davidson Now?

Many of Jaye Davidson’s fans would like to know where the Stargate actor is now. In an interview, he disclosed that he was not an actor and hoped not to win the Oscars when he was nominated as it would be unfair to other “real” actors. He eventually didn’t win and went ahead to quit screen acting. He got married and moved to Paris where he is currently working as a fashion expert and a model. Reports have it that he has worked with big shots in Hollywood as a fashion designer.

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