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Just because you asked for it, we have chosen to let the spotlight shine on none other than the wife of an American football coach, Jennifer Hielsberg. She is ‘s beautiful partner and her husband is the former head coach of the University of Arkansas and currently the defensive line coach for New England Patriots. The duo has been married since 2012 and is parents to one daughter.

Beside being Bielema’s gorgeous missus, she is a model and businesswoman. We bring to you other deets about her that would certainly capture your interest.

Jennifer Hielsberg Bio (Age)

Jennifer Heilsberg is an American national who was born in Tampa, Florida in the year 1985. The day and the exact month have remained known to her and those very close to her.

Neither the names nor the profession of her parents has been revealed to the public. Also, details of her early days growing up have also remained vague. She was raised on the American soil but it is not known if she was an only child or grew up with siblings. Some sources claim she is an only child but the fact has not yet been confirmed.

Following her graduation from an unspecified high school, she received higher education at the University of Wisconsin where she allegedly majored in psychology, earning a degree in 2006.

She is a beautiful woman, one who is admired and appreciated for her facial beauty and body structure. From an early age, she got interested in modeling and started pursuing a career therein. Apart from modeling, Jennifer Heilsberg also has some work experience in finance although the specifics about her jobs are largely unavailable.

Facts about Bret Bielema’s Wife

1. She was first a model before becoming Mrs. Bielema

Right from when Jennifer Hielsberg was a young child, she got interested in the modeling industry. She kept the dream aflame in her heart growing up and eventually worked her way into the industry. With her blonde hair, sculptured face, and the right physique, she had a fine spell in modeling. Though the specifics of her work as a model are not known, she worked with several modeling agencies in the USA.

2. She also worked in the finance sector

Jennifer has brains to complement her looks. While she worked as a model, she was also active in financial companies. Truly ambitious and smart, she must have been really focused at the time to successfully run two demanding careers concurrently. Some sources have claimed that she was originally trained in finance.

She has opened up about working in these institutions but is yet to mention the names of the companies she worked for. Hielsberg was active in the corporate world until months leading up to her wedding when she took some time off to plan the once in a lifetime event. Following her nuptials, it is not known if she returned to the corporate world.

3. Her first encounter with Bielema was love at first sight

The beginning of their love story was like one out of a movie scene. She loved Bret even before knowing what he does. He told her he was an MBA history professor. She believed that until four months after they met. Sweet, huh? Wait until you get the full gist.

Jennifer Hielsberg and Bret Bielema first met at Wynn Casino in the city of Las Vegas. She was with her friends having a good time while he was alone playing blackjack. On sighting her, Bret was immediately struck by her beauty and aura that he left his table to strike up a conversation. Then he mentioned that he was from Wisconsin and the belle was all in. Moments later, sparks started flying and they started falling for each other.

They hooked up and started dating shortly afterward. After dating for a while, he popped the question on a cruise in March 2011 and only revealed their engagement to the public on 1st April. One year after, on the 11th of March 2012, they were saying the vows in front of families and friends in Madison, Wisconsin.

Jennifer Hielsberg’s family life

On July 8, 2017, the couple had more beautiful colors added to their life with the arrival of their daughter who they named Briella Nichole Bielema. Also, they have some furry kids. Jennifer owns two Yorkshire Terrier dogs that she named Lucy and Ricky.

At the moment, they have continued to live peacefully and happily as a family with no rumors of any discord.

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