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It is truly the age of the journalist, seeing as media is all up in everybody’s business these days. The news is in everything we seem to hear, eat and to some extent, it is what we breath. So it is all in all no surprise that we are looking at a really accomplished journalist today. Let us check out the topic of Jennifer Reyna’s wiki, age, married, wedding, net worth. So hang in there as we begin with the topic of Jennifer Reyna’s wiki.

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Jennifer Reyna’s Wiki/Age

She was born Jennifer Reyna on January 1, 1980, in Houston, Texas, the United States, this means that the accomplished media personality is currently 37 years old. Though she was born in Texas, she was raised alongside her four siblings in California. There is not much information out there about her upbringing, her childhood or even her family, this is because the star is quite tight handed with her personal life.

She is so good at keeping her life under wraps that she has not been involved in any scandals or had any crude rumors circulated about her. This is quite commendable seeing as it is no easy feat to achieve when you are in the public eye. There is no exact information out there about how her career started, nevertheless, she has been making waves.

She joined KPRC 2 News in 2006 and after joining the media institution, she worked there as a traffic journalist. Following her work at KPRC 2 News for several years, she left the media outlet in 2014 to join NBC. Reyna joined NBC in 2014 and worked as a traffic reporter. She has covered many news and events while working on NBC. In April 2014, the media personality got a bit of recognition, when a clip of her was played on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

In the clip, she was shown as a part of montage along with other news anchors and journalists. The star currently works for RPC 2 and NBC.

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Jennifer Reyna Married/ Wedding

Celebrities these days are trying their best to keep every aspect of their lives on the down low so it is no surprise that Jennifer ahs kept most of the information about her personal life private. The media personality does this because she prefers people focusing on her professional work rather than the ins and outs of her actual day to day life. Due to the fact that she has not come out with any news about a lover or a husband, some people are under the impression that she is more into women than she is into men.

Only time will tell if she is swinging for the other team. There is a little splash of confusion in the mix though, seeing as she has been seen with one particular male friend on her social media a whole lot. The main confusion lies in the fact that she has not disclosed whether the gentleman is her friend, relative or lover, that has left people to their own devices. She has stated in an interview with Wikimedia that, she has fully desire to wear a wedding gown and also as a desire to marry soon, but never revealed about her potential husband and boyfriend.

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Jennifer Reyna’s Net Worth

She is quite popular and accomplished, so it is popular opinion that the star has quite the sizable net worth. Though she has not disclosed the figure, it can be assumed that she is doing very well. Her social media account and tidbits of information that has slipped through the cracks have seemed to establish the star as a millionaire in her own right. She has no doubt earned every penny she has.

This is all as a result of her having a successful career as a reporter in some of the tops ranked media outlets such as KPRC, NBC, and some others, but also because she was a popular former beauty pageant winner as well. In addition to that, Jennifer has an own travel and tour company, so, as you can see, she is also quite the successful businesswoman. This is all very commendable, but we have come to the end of the article as this is all we have on the topic Jennifer Reyna’s wiki, age, married, wedding, net worth.

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