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In the long history of sports, heroes have always been made and their excellent attainments are often appreciated in various ways. The same fate also greets the English Formula1 car race driver, Jenson Button. Apart from having a lengthy column of wins, Jenson has been applauded for his exceptional brain power in F1 business, having slipped against many hurdles in his career, he remained resolute. This FI genius had known victory since his karting race career began as a teen. The 2009 FI World Driver’s Champion has an unyielding attitude that teaches you how to bounce back when swayed around by vicissitudes of life. Staring you in the face are facts about this Fomula1 guru.

Jenson Button’s Bio

Jenson Button was born on 19 January 1980 in Frome, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. A son to John Button and Simone Lyons with the full name Jenson Alexander Lyons Button. At the age of 7, Jenson’s parents got divorced upon persistent marital conflicts. He managed to live with his mother for a brief periods after which he relocated to lodge with his father and his stepmother, Pippa Kerr. He had a good time staying with his father who bought him a kart while he was only 7.

Although it’s a common knowledge that Jenson hails from England, United Kingdom, he is of mixed heritage. He’s English from his father’s side and South African from his mum’s side. As he had told the media, he is an adherent of the Christian faith. It suffices to add that Jenson’s father was a Rallycross racer who passed away in 2014. The F1 racer fancies and both of whom he is friends with and respects.

Jenson’s Career Achievements

Jenson Button passed through Valli’s First School, Selwood Middle school and Frome Community College. At 8 he got into Karting at the Clay Pigeon Runway and has attained attractive triumphs in his Karting career. In the British Cadet Kart Championship, he surfaced as a winner during the thirty-four races. Maintaining the track, he got three wins at the British Open Kart Championship and swept other competitors behind him during the Ayrton Senna Memorial Cup.

Having proved auspicious in his initial career, Jens moved into car racing at 18; this was the dawn of his business with Formula One. His first push was in the year 2000 after joining Williams team. He experienced lots of setbacks in his first attempt as a result of his insufficient familiarity with the highly demanding sport. He often ran into parked cars. Eventually, he drove for not less than seven teams including Williams, Benetton, Honda, McLaren, and Brawn.

In all, Jenson Button had up to 15 victories, 309 races, 8 poles, 50 podiums, and 1235 points. His first boom came in 2006 when he won the Hungarian Grand Prix. He faced lots of disappointments after his first win but as perseverance would always pay, he got his giant win in 2009 as the FI World Driver’s Champion via BrawnGP. In 2012, the Brazilian Grand Prix was laid at his feet as his last win.

His Net Worth

Jenson Button has been enjoying lucrative endorsement deals with a good deal of enterprises like Tag Heuer, Hugo Boss, Baylis & Harding, Leger Los Angeles, and Vodafone. Currently, he is chilling out at Monaco as a former FI driver after he forwent his last Grand Prix at Abu Dhabi.

Having worked with teams like the gigantic McLaren, Jenson had been placed on an annual salary of $16.5 million. After his retirement, he was honored with a membership of the Order of the British Empire and has a street named after him. Impressively, Jenson Button’s net worth is estimated at $150 million.


Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Married?

Jens has been into different unsuccessful relationships with different classy ladies. He was first spotted hanging out with Louise Griffiths, an actress, and a singer. Not long after, he embraced American actress as his new lover. Rose still got out of his life and he met a model and actress, Florence Brudenell who it did not end well with either and Jenson had to move on.

Not long after, he met Jessica Michibata whom he later married. In December 2015, the lovebirds were torn apart by rumors of the former FI driver’s dalliance with another model, Brittny Ward whom he later proposed to in June 2018.

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