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Jeremy Lin, the first American Taiwanese to play in the NBA, became very popular in 2012 when he played in such a talented way in his team’s victory match against the Maverick that earned him the nickname “Linsanity”.

The player who has played in 8 seasons so far in the NBA league is also a high profile player that has landed various deals with several teams in the NBA. Know all about his bio, injury stats, relationships and net worth as you read on.

Jeremy Lin’s Bio

The NBA player was born August 23, 1988, to Taiwanese-American parents, said to be emigrants who moved to the US in the 1970s. His father’s name is Lin Gie Ming while his mother is Shirley Lin and they have two other sons named Joseph, a one-time Fubon Braves player and Josh, a Dentist.

Lin attended Palo Alto High School where he was an active member of his school’s basketball team and was even named the captain of the team in his senior year, in addition to being named Northern California Player of the Year. However, even though he had a successful high school career, he was not able to get any scholarship as an athlete which made him to eventually attend Harvard University where he played in the Ivy League and was named All-Conference player in the league for 3 times.

His Professional Career

Getting into the NBA did not come easy for Jeremy as he went undrafted after college in 2010 but later that year, he signed with the Golden State Warriors for a 2-year deal which was however not a fully guaranteed contract. He is said to have made his debut for the team at the Warriors’ Asian Heritage Night but did not feature in many games during his time with the franchise. He was in 29 games during which he played an average of 9.8 minutes each and did not make any starts for the team.

It was during Jeremy’s time with the New York Knicks from 2011 to 2012 that the Asian-American NBA star became the man of the match when he led the Knicks to a surprising victory and his popular name “Linsanity” came to be. However, he did not stay long with the Knicks as he moved on to play for the Houston Rockets, a stint which was supposed to last for three seasons but only covered two – from 2012 to 2014. For the next season, Jeremy Lin played a year for the Los Angeles Lakers after he was traded to the franchise. The next year, he was signed by Charlotte Hornets as a backup point guard for Kemba Walker.

Jeremy Lin also played for the Brooklyn Nets from 2016 to 2018 but compared to his previous years after being tagged ”Linsanity”, the player did not perform impressively which was majorly due to the fact that he sustained a couple of injuries during the period. By July 2018, Lin was traded to the Atlanta Hawks and he is currently playing for them.

Jeremy Lin Injury Stats

Jeremy Lin is no stranger when it comes to sustaining injuries in the course of his career as a baller as he has had several occurrences during his matches. Back in November 2016, while still playing for the Brooklyn Nets, he sustained an injury on his left hamstring that made him not to play till the next month, however, by January the next year, the injury became worse and he had to take some time off playing again.

Later in 2017, Lin suffered another injury in the match between the Nets and Indiana Pacers in which he injured his right knee, making him not to feature in any other match till the end of the season. He is said to have gone for full-time therapy and when interviewed about his recovery, the player was quite confident that the injury was in no way going to stall his career. He told the media that he would bounce back perfectly.

Jeremy Lin’s Salary, Net Worth

Linsanity is not doing badly when it comes to his net worth as it is pegged around $20 million. His yearly salary is around $14 million which is a progress from his initial earning with the Golden State Warriors in 2011 which was $473,000. When he moved to the New York Knicks, he was paid $800,000 and with the subsequent teams, his salary increased to its present value.

He is also known to have had endorsement deals with Nike, Adidas, Steiner Sports and Volvo which have contributed to his present net worth.



The NBA player has a listed height of 6 ft 3 in which is approximately 1.91 m and a weight of 91 kg approximately
200 lb. Both his height and weight take credit for most of his impressive performances in the court.

His Relationship Status: Wife Or Girlfriend?

As at this moment, Linsanity is not a married man neither is there any rumour of him dating someone. However, the NBA player has made it known back in 2012 that if he was to get married, it would be to a devout Christain lady who in addition to that, loves to help people, a fun person to be around and she should not be extravagant. Although a couple of years have passed since he listed out these qualities, the celebrity player has not yet hooked up with anyone. Perhaps, he is still waiting for his perfect match.

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