Jim Rash – Bio, Wife/Partner, Height, Acting Career, Is He Gay?

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Few figures can boast of the amount of success that Jim Rash has recorded in the entertainment industry. His lengthy portfolio belies his rough start in the industry. Still, Jim has managed to rack up credits in over 100 projects since he came on the scene as a production assistant in 1995.

Jim wears many hats successfully; he is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Rash has won some notable awards for his many endeavors. One of his most popular role as an actor was as Dean Craig Pelton on the NBC sitcom Community. Since his first major success with Skyhigh, he has gone on to crush milestone after milestone. Read on to discover everything about Jim Rash’s career and life.

Jim Rash’s Biography

James ‘Jim’ Rash on July 15, 1971, in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is no information known about his birth parents. Jim and his sister were adopted by a loving couple who raised them as their own.

For his education, he attended Charlotte Latin School. He subsequently attended The Lawrenceville School before heading to the University of North Carolina.

Since he kickstarted his career in 1995, Jim Rash has become a household name and has graced screens across the nation with his immense talent. He is known for his roles in movies and series like Skyhigh, Will & Grace, Less Than Perfect, Captain America: Civil War, and Star Wars Resistance among others.

As a producer, Jim has also worked on Thoroughbreds, Adopted, Fatrick, On the Ride, The Writer’s Room and more. His screenwriting credits include Saturday Night Live, The Way Way Back, Adopted, These People, and Downhill. Rash also directed Fatrick, The Way Way Back, and several episodes of Community to mention a few.

His Acting Career

After his role as a production assistant on an episode of Cybill, Jim Rash made his acting debut on the TV series Tracey Takes On… (1997). He appeared in a single episode as Pollster.

Up until the 2000s, Rash appeared in mostly television shows. Some of the notables from that period include The Naked Truth (1997—1998), Thanks (1999), Katie Joplin, According to Jim (2002), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2003), and Friends (2004).

At this time, Jim was still a bit part actor, who only took guest appearances and mini recurring roles. However, 2005 changed the status quo.

Jim Rash played the role of Mr. Grayson, also known as “Stitches” in the superhero film Sky High. His character was the sidekick to the antagonist known as Royal Pain, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and .

In 2002, he bagged a recurring role on That 70s Show as the character Fenton. He played the character till 2006, appearing in a total of six episodes. He bagged another major recurring role on Help Me Help You in 2006. His association with the series ended the following year after he had played Jonathan in 14 episodes.

The year 2007 was a busy year for Jim Rash. He was in The Nines, Smiley Face, Cook-Off!, Halfway Home, Balls of Fury, and Case Closed.

After his role as Bryce’s Manager in 2008’s The Onion Movie, Rash also appeared in an episode of the comedy-mystery Samantha Who? The following year, his time on Reno 911! came to an end; he had started on the series in 2003 and appeared in a total of 15 episodes.

In 2013, Rash appeared as Lewis in the movie The Way Way Back. He also co-wrote the movie with his partner, Nat Faxon. They also wrote the screenplay for The Descendants which was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and also clinched an Academy Award in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay.

Jim Rash is most popular for his role as Dean Pelton on Community. He appeared on the series from 2009 to 2015 in a total of 96 episodes. In 2013, he voiced the character in the television movie Community: Miracle on Jeff’s Street. 

In 2016, he played an M.I.T Liaison in a Captain America: Civil War. In the same year, he made a single episode guest appearance on Black-ish.

Jim Rash has also been on Family Guy (2016—2017); Nobodies (2017); The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (2018), Star Wars Resistance (2018—2019), and Duck Tales (2017—2019).

Is Jim Rash Gay?

Jim Rash is an openly gay actor; he came out on his social media in 2012 during the period he was shooting The Way Way Back. He came out on National Coming Out Day in 2012 and retold the story on the same day in 2018.

Before he came out, Jim’s fans were already suspecting his sexual orientation. For one, his perfect interpretation of the bisexual character Dean Pelton in Community was already a strong indicator.

Who Is Jim Rash’s Wife/Partner?

The Community actor has worked a lot with his friend, Nat Faxon. This naturally birthed the rumor that perhaps they were seeing each other. It didn’t help that Jim always referred to Nat as his “partner”. However, Nat Faxon is straight and even has a wife and three kids.

Jim is always the first to come out in support of the Gay Pride Parade and other LGBT concerns. He also likes to openly support his gay and lesbian friends on his social media and in other ways. However, he has not revealed if he is in a relationship or not.



The actor does not belong to the category of impressively tall celebrities, however, he is well within the average height category. Jim rash stands at a respectable height of 5 feet 7 inches. His weight has also been listed as 70 kg.

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