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The world has only a handful of people who have been able to set themselves apart in their chosen profession like Jimmie Johnson. Counting the remarkable accomplishments of the American stock car racing driver, it is pretty glaring why this bloke was nicknamed Superman.

As at the time of this report, Jimmie could brag about having 83 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series career wins. But then, that’s among the least of his attainments. The man inked his name in history as the first driver to win the Cup Series championship five times and consecutively; yeah, Superman humbled his rivalries from 2006 through to 2010.

Beyond being a seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, Jimmie has other fascinating records which have distinguished him as one of the phenomenal and most successful sportspersons of this generation. In addition to his biography, read about his wife, wealth and other facts of his life here

Jimmie Johnson Biography

Born on September 17 and in 1795, Superman’s parent Gary and Cathy named him Jimmie Kenneth Johnson. His place of birth was in El Cajon, California which was equally where he was raised alongside his younger brothers – Jarit and Jessie.

Jimmie claims his upbringing in a working-class family exposed him to the values in promoting human welfare. According to him, his mother worked as a school bus driver and his dad, with a tire company. Considering this, it is plausible that Jimmie developed a need for speed at an early age. It is said that he started working with motorcycles when he was only four. He turned 5 and kicked off his racing career with 50cc motorcycles.

Although Jimmie took part in other sporting activities while he studied at the Granite Hills High School located in his hometown (El Cajon, California), he kept his motorsport passion alive, participating in various racing events before his breakthrough showed up in 1998. This was the year he started his stint with American Speed Association which equally marked the beginning of his stunning racing career with NASCAR.

Jimmie Johnson’s Wife

For someone who has inked his name in history as one of the most accomplished stock car racing drivers, it is hardly a surprise that Jimmie Johnson’s professional attainments have tower above his existence, overshadowing his personal and private life. In view of this, it is totally possible that many don’t know that Jimmie has been a husband to Chandra Janway since 2004.

To the best of our knowledge, Jimmie and Chandra were lovers for two years before they became life partners. Apart from their love for each other which has kept them together for over a decade and a half, they have more in common as their union has so far, been blessed with two daughters – Genevieve Marie Johnson and Lydia Norriss Johnson.

Chandra Janway who was once a model; is the owner of the SOCO Art Gallery located in Charlotte, North Carolina which is equally where the couple has made their home. Way back in 2006, the two created the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, a humanitarian outlet which has helped numerous kids, thousands of families and several communities in need. Beyond awarding grants to science and technology school projects, the foundation equally supports a number of other programs which range from literary and arts to trade, health, and fitness.

It is said that the foundation generates funds through organizing a golf tournament each year and hosting a bunch of other special events. As at the time of this report, the Jimmie Johnson Foundation has given out over $11 million to support the welfare of people across America and beyond.

His House and Net Worth

Jimmie Johnson has always been listed among NASCAR’s highest-paid drivers; in 2017, he was the with a total earning of $21.8 million. He accumulated $16.8 million from salary and prize money and received $5 million from his various endorsement deals. It is believed that the total value of the man’s wealth is as much as $120 million.

Bearing the foregoing in mind, one would stop wondering why Jimmie’s house is newsworthy. Apart from their Charlotte home which they took time to beautify after acquiring it, the Johnsons have another home in New York City which has been covered by a handful of popular media outlets due to its class, exquisite and elegant features.


Height and Other Facts about Jimmie

1. It is said that the height and weight of racing drivers determine performance, if this sentiment has substance, then Jimmie Johnson has the perfect physical attributes for his profession. He is 11 inches taller than 5 feet and weighs 165 lb.

2. Jimmie is a fitness freak who takes part in activities like swimming, cycling and running to aid his health and wellness.

3. In his country, Jimmie made history as the first racing driver to receive the Associated Press’ Male Athlete of the Year Award.

4. Similarly, the popular American business magazine (Forbes) ranked Jimmie at the top spot of its Most Influential Athletes list in 2011 and 2012.

5. Among his many accolades is the Driver of the Year Award which he has so far received five times.

6. Jimmie Johnson has made various television and film appearances; you will find him in 2005 film Herbie: Fully Loaded, in Las Vegas – a tv series of the same year, and in the 2015 series Repeat After Me.

7. Disregarding his appearances on Magazines and his feature on video games, the star has graced a good number of popular shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late, Late Show with James Corden, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and much more.

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