Jimmy Barnes – Bio, Children, Wife – Jane Mahoney, Net Worth and Family Life

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Jimmy Barnes is considered one of Australia’s most successful and legendary rock stars. He is known as the front man of the Aussie band Cold Chisel. In his early years with Cold Chisel, the band released famous hits like Flames Trees, Khe Sanh, and When the War is Over.

After recording seven albums with his former band, he left in 1983 to begin a solo career releasing top charting album such as Bodyswerve, For the Working Class Man, Flesh and Wood, Psyclone, and many others which resulted in him being one of Australia’s most popular and best-selling music artist of all time. Jimmy is also the author of the bestselling autobiographies –Working Class Boy and Working Class Man.

Jimmy Barnes Bio

James ‘Jimmy’ Dixon Swan was born on April 28, 1956, in Glasgow, Scotland. When he was five, his family relocated to Australia.

According to his autobiographies, his mother suffered physical abuse from his father; this eventually led to his parents’ divorce. His mother got remarried to a man named Reg Barnes, whose last name the musician later adopted.

In 1973, he started work in a Foundry and joined a band called Fraternity; soon after, Jimmy Barnes left the band to join Cold Chisel which was originally called Orange. The band included Don Walker as the organist and songwriter, Ian Moss as the guitarist, Steve Prestwich as the drummer and Les Kaczmarek playing the bass.

After a successful decade, on the 12th of December 1983, Cold Chisel gave their final performance in Sydney with The Last Stand tour. It didn’t take Jimmy too long to kick start his solo career as a high profile rock singer and in 1984 his debut solo album, Bodyswerve, was released. It was ranked No 1 in the Australian album charts and later that same year, Jimmy Barnes went on tour.

In 1985 and 1987, Jimmy released two albums that also clinched the number one spots on the charts. He then signed on to another record label, Atlantic, in 1990 and released a fourth album, Two Fires, which unsurprisingly charted at number one. As expected, the Australian musician continued topping charts with his next few albums but his success was stalled by financial troubles and a career slump.

Thankfully, after a few missteps, the iconic singer was able to bounce back to fame and glory.

Jimmy Barnes was able to regain credibility with his later releases such as Double Happiness, Out in the Blue, The Rhythm and the Blue, Rage And Ruin, 30:30 Hindsight, Soul Searchin’, Och Aye the G’nu and Working Class Boy. In 2019, he announced his 17th studio album, My Criminal Record, which immediately became highly anticipated, serving as further proof of his iconic career.

Family Life: Wife – Jane Mahoney and Children

In November 1979, while in Canberra, he met his wife – Jane Mahoney, the stepdaughter of an Australian diplomat. On the 22nd May of 1981, the two tied the knot and have been together ever since. Jimmy and Jane have four children together – Mahalia, Eliza-Jane, Elly-May, and Jackie. His four children formed a band called ‘Tin Lids’ and were active from 1990 till 1994.

Jimmy Barnes also had a son, David Campbell, when he was 18 years old. Due to the young age of his parents at the time of his birth, David was raised by his grandmother. Jimmy maintained contact with the young boy over time but it wasn’t until the mid-80s that David found out Jimmy was his father and not merely a family friend.

The young David grew up to become a musician and entertainer just like his father, building a successful career for himself.

His Net Worth

When it comes to finances, Jimmy Barnes has had a rocky path. Despite his tedious financial woes which include facing fiscal ruin in the mid 90, owing ANZ Bank and being pursued by the Australian Taxation Office for a debt of $1.3 million, Jimmy was able to overcome those hurdles.

The Australian musician is currently estimated to worth $20 million. He owes his net worth to his massively successful music career and bestselling books.


Jimmy Barnes’ Height and Weight

There is no denying that the musician is in great shape, Jimmy Barnes’ height is listed as 5 ft 10 inches while his weight is recorded to be 77 kg. Presently, his workout routine and diet plan are not available to the public but it can be assumed that he puts in the effort to maintain his physique.

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