Jimmy Butler’s Relationship History, Family Members and Recent Trades & Contracts

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Every coach and scout familiar with the story of Jimmy Butler will agree that he has fought through adversity and exceeded all expectations in life to make it to the NBA after being drafted 30th overall in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. The Texas native went through his fair share of misfortunes in the league before making remarkable improvements that earned him the 2015 NBA Most Improved Player award.

Butler has since that time maintained a commendable level of consistency that has earned him several NBA All-Star selections, NBA All-Defensive Team mentions and All-NBA Team honors. It was therefore not a surprise that he was selected to be a part of Team USA who played at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and won gold.

Much like his professional life, Jimmy Butler has made it to the news occasionally for other reasons, whether it is whom he is dating at a time or his squabbles with teammates and demands to be traded to another team.

A Look into Jimmy Butler’s Family History

The story of Jimmy Butler’s family background and the difficulties he faced as a child is one that would inspire many considering what he would later make of himself. The basketball player was born Jimmy Butler III on September 14, 1989, in Houston, Texas. While still an infant, his father abandoned the family, leaving him in the sole care of his mother.

Butler lived with his mother until he turned 13, the year she kicked him out for simply not liking the way his face looked, as the player remembers her saying. He was left with no option but to live with various friends until meeting a certain Jordan Leslie while attending Tomball High School.

Leslie challenged Butler to a shooting contest and the two subsequently developed a friendship that deepened quickly. Despite having a big family to care for, Leslie’s parents, particularly his mother Michelle Lambert, agreed to raise Butler and so he moved in with them.

Years later, Jimmy Butler reconnected with both his biological parents and maintains a relationship with them. He has said that he holds no grudges against how they treated him as a child.

People He Has Dated or Been Linked To

Butler is not one to kiss and tell, however, over the course of his career, the basketball star has been linked with some popular names in the entertainment industry. Here is a look at some of those women.

1. Miley Cyrus

Jimmy Butler sent tongues wagging sometime in June 2013 when he posted a photo of himself with Miley Cyrus and asked fans to come to her concert that he would be there. Many eyebrows were raised in suspicion that the two were an item although the duo never commented on the relationship. The fact that Miley during that period was seen wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey, the team Butler played for at the time, was enough for many to conclude that maybe they were a thing.

Terez Owens, the writer for NBA Central reported at the time that they two were close, however, it remains impossible to tell if Butler actually dated Cyrus.

2. Charmaine Piula

The only Jimmy Butler relationship with facts enough to conclude that it actually did happen was his relationship with Charmaine Piula.

Piula, like Butler, is an athlete. She played basketball for the Thunderbirds in 2007 and is said to have attended St. George, Utah’s Snow Rock High School. Considering the many photos of them online, it seems highly likely that the two dated. The relationship is suspected to have started around 2015.

3. Shay Mitchell

Fans of the TV series Pretty Little Liars would remember Shay Mitchell well for her role as Emily Fields in the successful Freeform drama. Rumors of Butler dating Mitchell began to swirl in 2016 after TMZ cameras caught the pair out on what seemed like dates on a couple of occasions. Sources close to the media outlet said that the two were dating but were taking things slow. Other reputable outlets such as Chicago Tribune also reported on their dates, however, by January 2019, a UK site referred to Mitchell as Butler’s ex-girlfriend.

4. Jimmy Butler’s Mystery Baby Mama

Jimmy Butler to the best of the media’s knowledge is not married but he has fathered a child with someone concealed from the media. In October 2019, that Butler would not be part of the Miami Heat team traveling for two games. After questions as to why Butler was left home, the Heat organization through their official Twitter account announced that the small forward and his girlfriend had just welcomed a daughter. No other detail was, however, revealed about Butler’s new child nor the mother. Some sources do suspect that the mother of the baby could be Charmaine Piula but this cannot be confirmed with strong evidence.

Jimmy Butler’s NBA Career, Trades and Contracts

Jimmy Butler was in July 2019 traded to the Miami Heat from the Philadelphia 76ers. He went on to sign a four-year $140.7 million contract with the team after just rejecting a $19 million contract extension from the 76ers in the previous month. The deal which is to last till 2023 sees him earn an average salary of $35.2 million per year.

Butler has come a long way from the days he signed a 2-year $2.18 million deal with the Bulls in 2011. He exercised options for two more seasons before inking a 5-year $92.3 million extension in July 2015.

Before being traded to the 76ers in 2018, Jimmy Butler was with the Minnesota Timberwolves. His trade to the 76ers was said to be as a result of a beef between him and then-teammate, Karl Anthony Towns. Butler allegedly had a romantic relationship with Towns’ girlfriend, Kawahine Andrade, causing the rift between the two men. Rumors also had it that Towns had refused to ink a contract extension with Timberwolves requesting that Butler left the team. The speculations seemed true after Towns was no longer seen on Instagram posting photos with Andrade. Towns would, however, take to social media to debunk the rumors calling it “false.”

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