Joanna Holland – Bio, Family, Facts About Johnny Carson’s Ex-Wife

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Joanna Holland was an ex-model who was famous for being the 3rd wife of the American talk show host, . It is also known that it was her modeling career that orchestrated her meeting Johnny who was dining with the top fashion designer, Molly Parnis when he first saw her. Moreso, theirs was ‘love at first sight’ tale as the pair hurriedly had a secret wedding shortly after they met.

It is also interesting to know that Joanna is a very passionate humanitarian and she heads the association called Share Happily And Reap Endlessly which is known for catering for people with mental problems.

Joanna Holland’s Bio

Joanna Holland, who has the birth name – Johanna C. Ulrich, was born in 1940 but the exact day and month of her birth are not known. However, it is known that Joanna spent her childhood days in New York City and she is of Italian heritage.

The former model has also kept details of her education away from the prying eye of the public and the much that can be said about her career is that she worked with very popular brands which gave her the opportunity to meet many elites back then like the popular talk show host Jonny Carson, who later became her husband. Also, Joanna took her modeling work very serious as it was the only means she had to cater to the needs of her young son.


Moving over to her family, Joanna’s mother has been identified as Linda, whom she had very strong ties with but no details are available with regards to her father. The only sibling linked to her is a brother called Peter with whom she spent her childhood days.

Furthermore, it is known that her family originally came from Italy but they moved to the United States and made New York their home base which is probably where Joanna was born although it has not been confirmed.

Joanna Holland’s Relationship With Johnny Carson

It is practically impossible to make mention of Joanna Holland without talking about her famous TV host husband Johnny Carson. The pair who met a popular eatery called 21 Club, where Johnny had gone to dine with a popular fashion designer – Molly Parnis, became attracted to each other and before word about their relationship could spread, it was revealed by Johnny that they had already gotten married.

Their marriage came as surprise to many and when the news started to spread, their friends congratulated the newlyweds. However, in the midst of the celebration, the Johnny Carson’s lawyer raised the need for Joanna to sign a prenuptial document but the talk show host kicked against it for reasons best described as sentimental.

The couple remained together for a decade but their marriage faced a lot of challenges. Moreso, Johnny had a drinking problem and he has been described by his acquaintances as a very lonely man. Finally, his marriage to Joanna ended in a divorce on the 8th of March 1983 marking his 3rd failed marriage.

Prior to her marriage to the American talk show host, Joanna Holland was married to Tim Holland, a golfer, gambler and a backgammon titleholder. Their marriage which started in 1960 was hit with a lot of crisis in its 3rd year and though they tried to patch things up, by 1966, they decided to call it quits. Tim later revealed that they could not continue as a couple because their individual perspectives could not be aligned. It was also known that Joanna did not fancy the kind of work that Tim did and him, on the other hand, had no intention of leaving the gaming tables.

Joanna and Tim were parents to a son named Joe Holland who later became an actor. However, Joe sadly passed away on the 4th of May 1994 in Califonia.

Facts About Johnny Carson’s Ex-Wife

• Joanna played a pivotal role in establishing Michaele Vollbracht’s fashion brand which earned her the position as Vice-President of the company.

• She was involved in several humanitarian works which include being a part of the association Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai and the Rape Treatment Center located in Santa Monica.

• Joanna also runs the Share Happily and Reap Endlessly organization that is known for helping people with mental problems, as previously mentioned.

• The former model is very sophisticated and she is known for her high taste for luxury which even landed her in a lawsuit as one of her ex-boyfriends had to sue her to return the money he used to decorate her apartment.

• Joanna Holland is also known to have earned herself a whopping $20 million as divorce settlement from Johnny Carson.

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