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John Mcenroe is living an eventful life, in his prime he was a professional tennis player and after his retirement, he went into music and played with a band. Here is all you should know about one of America’s finest athletes, his family and career.

Early Age

John, the retired and sassy American tennis player was born on the 16th of February 1959 in Wiesbaden, Hessen, West Germany. He was raised by his parents, John Patrick McEnroe Sr. and Kay Tresham. His father happens to be the son of an Irish immigrant; who at a particular period was stationed with the United States Air Force.

John McEnroe was nurtured in Douglaston, Queens, New York City. He began playing tennis at age eight at the nearby Douglaston Club. At age nine, he started attending the Eastern Lawn Tennis Association, and he began to participate in regional tournaments. Later on, he competed at the national junior tournaments. When he was twelve years old, after he was ranked seventh in his age group, he became a member of the Port Washington Tennis Academy situated in Long Island, New York. McEnroe was a student of Trinity School. He graduated from the school in 1977.


The career of this tennis maestro has been a successful one, as he was able to win the mixed doubles at the French Open with the resplendent Mary Carillo. He further scaled through the qualifying tournament and the main draw at Wimbledon. At Wimbledon, he was defeated during the semifinals by Jimmy Connors in four sets. This is one of the best performances to be achieved by a qualifier at a Grand Slam tournament and record performance by an amateur in the open arena.

After the 1977 Wimbledon, coach Dick Gould recruited McEnroe and enrolled him into the prestigious Stanford University. In the year 1978, the Stanford team was led by John McEnroe to the NCAA championship. In the competition, he clinched the NCAA singles title. Later on, in the year 1978, John McEnroe became a member of the ATP tour, where he signed his first endorsement deal with Sergio Tacchini. With things going so well for him, McEnroe moved on to the semifinals at the US Grandslam Open, losing to Connors. However, in that same year, he won five titles which include his first Master Grand Prix; defeating Arthur Ashe in straight sets. Even though his success came late, John was able to push himself to greater heights. He was ranked the number fourth player of the year.


John McEnroe retired from playing tennis and pursued his post-tour goal, which is to become a working musician. He eventually learned how to play the guitar with the help of his close pals like Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Allen. After he divorced his wife, he established a music group called The Johny Smyth Band, of which he was the lead singer and guitarist. He began writing his own songs and was invited to perform at some notable events. His band embarked on a tour for about two years before he ended it in 1997, just before completing his album.

As a result of McEnroe’s unprecedented achievement in the game of tennis, he got inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1999. He has also been made a sports commentator at Wimbledon for BBC in the United Kingdom. The tennis star player is also the one providing commentary on ATP tennis tournaments in the US on the following networks: NBS, CBS, USA, and ESPN.

John McEnroe TV Appearances

In the year 2007, John McEnroe featured on NBC’s 30 Rock. He was also made the host of a notable game show known as “Gold Case”. On this show, he articulated loudly his famous line “You cannot be serious!”  Also, McEnroe featured on the popular HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. In the year 2009, he featured on 30 Rock again, in the episode “Gavin Volure” where the protagonist, a bizarre hermit-like character, invited him to dine with him because he was able to bridge the worlds of art collecting and selling.

Wife, Children, Brother, Family

John McEnroe tied the nuptial knot with Tatum O’Neal, the delectable daughter of Ryan O’Neal an Academy Award-winning actress, from 1986 to 1994. The couple has three kids together, Kevin, Sean, and Emily. After they dissolved their several years of marriage, the duo were awarded joint custody of their kids. McEnroe was later awarded sole custody as a result of O’Neal’s drug-related issues. In the year 1997, John McEnroe later got married to Patty Smyth, a renowned rock singer, with whom he has two daughters, Anna and Ava.



McEnroe stands tall at 5 ft 11 inches.


McEnroe is known to be a philanthropist. There was a particular period the tennis star co-chaired the City Parks Tennis Charity benefit. This event happens to be a yearly fundraiser organized by the City Parks Foundation. The significance of this charitable event is to raise essential funds for New York City’s largest municipal youth tennis program. He tries to accumulate American contemporary arts and established a gallery in Manhattan in the year 1993.

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