Julie Roginsky – Bio, Facts About The TV Personality And Former Fox And CNBC Contributor

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Julie Roginsky is a well-known television personality, political strategist and consultant. She has had an impressive career in politics and government representing some popular politicians in the ‘Democratic Party’. Julie has got a sound experience in media relations, politics, public relations, and government.

She has worked as a co-host and contributor on some popular TV broadcasting channels. She was a host for programs like Outnumbered and The Five on Fox, and also contributed on CNBC, Forbes, Star-Ledger, and Politico. Here is everything you should know about her

Julie Roginsky – Biography

Julie Roginsky was born in Russia to her parents, Abram and Tanya Roginsky on the 25th of April 1973. Her parents were part of a group that disagreed with some of the ideologies in the Soviet Union and due to their marginalization, she was basically brought up by her grandparents. In 1980, at age 7, her parents were finally permitted to move out of the Soviet Union.

They moved to and lived in Paris and London for a while before finally choosing to settle in the US. Her grandparents, on the other hand, were prohibited from leaving for some time until they were finally permitted to leave in 1990. Growing up in New Jersey, Julie had a stable childhood and attended Princeton Day School. She graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Masters degree in Political Science from the prestigious Boston University.

Julie grew up in an atmosphere rife with different political undertones and experiences. She was exposed to politics at a very tender age and this might have influenced her career choice later in life. Her first official career in politics was with the PAC- Emily List where she worked on the Congress campaign of Dale McCormick. Julie then successfully managed Frank Pallone’s representative campaign against Mike Ferguson.

Julie Roginsky made impressive strides in her life and career unraveling new territories for women, especially in politics. She became the first woman entrusted with the responsibility of managing a Coordinated Campaign in New Jersey after the Democratic Party won three seats in the General Assembly in the year 1999. She proceeded to work as the Director of Communications at the Democratic State Committee, New Jersey.

Roginsky took up the same directorship position in 2001 in Washington DC after Jon Corzine was elected into the United States Senate. By 2003, she had built up her political resume enough to begin her company. She launched the ‘Comprehensive Communications Group’. The company handles public relations and political consultation and has represented several popular elected officials, non-profit organization and also Fortune 500 corporations.

Julie joined the Board of Directors at the Women Campaign School, Yale University in 2005. She expanded her horizons and career by appearing on television. Her first appearance was on ‘Fox News’ in 2004 in the capacity of a ‘Democratic Strategist’. CNBC then hired her as an ‘On-air contributor’ in 2009. She moved on to ‘Fox News in the same capacity in 2011. She has contributed columns on different acclaimed magazines and websites alongside her career as a television host.

Other Facts About The TV Personality And Former Fox And CNBC Contributor

Net Worth

The Russian-American political consultant and communication expert has had an impressive career both in politics and on television. Her net worth has been estimated to be about $20 million by some sources.

Personal Life

Despite being on television, Julie has succeeded in keeping the media at bay from private details about her life. While she welcomed her son (Zachary Peter Roginsky) in 2012, nothing is known about his father and the state of her relationship with him. All through her years of being on TV, she has managed to keep details about any relationship away from the public eye.


Sexual Harassment Controversy

Julie Roginsky in 2017 filed a lawsuit against Fox News alleging sexual harassment against the outfit’s chief, Roger Ailes. She claimed that she was offered a permanent place on ‘The Five’ by Ailes if she had sex with him. Julie also alleged that he spited her after she refused. She also accused Fox News co-president Bill Shine of “aiding and abetting the discrimination” by not taking reasonable measures to protect her and other women generally at the company. Roginsky also sent letters to the authorities to investigate how women are treated at ‘Fox News’. However, the suit was settled in December 2017 and the details of the settlement weren’t made public.

Height and Weight

Julie is beautiful by all standards and is rumored to have a strict diet and exercise routine that has helped her remain fit. She weighs about 58kg (128 lbs) and is 5 feet 8 inches (176cm) tall.

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