Justin Roberts (YouTube Star) Full Biography, How Old Is He, Who Are The Parents

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While many people have to work hard to develop a skill, some are born with the knack to excel in that same thing. Nevertheless, possessing a natural talent for a given ability does not rule out the fact that hard work, diligence, and dedication are needed to develop the said talent. Justin Roberts is a young boy who turned his love for technology and ability to make people laugh into an internet fame.

He is the youngest member of the Team 10, YouTube’s most popular vlogging team, founded by , ‘s younger brother. He also publishes his vlogs on his Youtube channel where he has garnered a commendable subscription.

Justin Roberts Full Biography, How Old Is He?

Justin Roberts may still be young but he has reached for the stars, beyond where most of his mates have not even dreamt of and could be dubbed a social media prodigy. He was born on the 17th day of August 2002. Enthralled by the trend in technology, he fell in love with it and the power that it creates to improve a person’s life. Justin also loves the ability technology confers on one, to turn one’s life for the better and reach out to millions of people, letting them in on the happenings in one’s life. Thus, he decided to utilize the power therein, using social media as his platform to share his life’s journey with others. However, prior to his internet fame, he enjoyed playing basketball through his childhood and high school years.

With a good head resting on his shoulders, Justin creates contents that entertain, educate, and at the same time, quirky. He posts them on the video sharing website, YouTube where he is now a star, considering the number of subscribers and views his videos have been able to garner since he started in 2016. His videos, which are mostly comedies always leave the viewers with an experience that makes them come back for more. The eponymous YouTube Channel now has over 980k subscribers. It also features cameo appearances and collaborations with social media stars such as , Katja Glieson, and King Bach.

Justin Roberts is also an Instagram sensation. He captivates his 1.1 million followers on his justinroberts44 account with his comedy sketches and photos. His impact is also felt on Twitter where he has a following of over 100k. He dated Instagram model, Rai Lollie in 2017 and featured her on his IG page. Justin lives in Miami, Florida and Beverly Hills, California.

His Team 10 Career

Collaboration always has a way of producing results far beyond what an individual effort can yield. Having reached a certain fame on his YouTube channel, Justin joined Team 10 in 2017. He became the youngest member to join the group founded by the YouTube personality, Jake Paul. Justin was nicknamed freshman by his fans in the Team 10 house. Other members of the house include , , and .

Team 10 is an incubator for social media talent which aims at developing influencers into stars by teaching them the nitty-gritty of making video contents and producing them. The members live and work together, thereby utilizing their collective abilities to create videos. The videos are posted on their Team 10 YouTube channel and each member’s personal channel.

Justin’s 15th birthday in 2017 was a typical star’s birthday as it was star-studded. Among other prominent figures,  the rapper who follows the star on Instagram attended the party. NBA MVP showed up as well.

Who Are His Parents?

Justin Roberts is one of the two children born to Marc Roberts and his wife. Marc Roberts is a sports agent turned real estate developer and author. As a sports agent, he represented big names in the sporting world cutting across NFL players such as Jerry Porter and Tyrone Wheatley; NBA players like Bobby Jackson, Derek Anderson, and Johnny Newman; NASCAR, as well as boxers like Shannon Briggs and Charles Murray. He was one of the five sports agents consulted in making of the film, Jerry Maguire.

Marc is the CEO, president and chairman of Marc Roberts company and an investor in Team 10 as well. He is also the president and co-chairman of Miami World Center Group, LLC. The group develops one of the largest private master-planned urban environments in the world.

He supports his son in his career, at one time, renting a Ferrari to boost his son’s internet fame.

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