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Celebrities are popular people for several reasons. Usually, most things about their life are known to the public, even those they regard as private and are secretive about, are often being exposed to satisfy the curiosity of the masses.

But then, there are several individuals who attained the status of fame yet we don’t know much about them. Typically, most of these guys are described as ‘famous for being famous’. Essentially, they either achieved fame for no particular identifiable reason or attained celebrity status through association with a celebrity.

While the later is to some extent, true for Justin Siegel, it isn’t the reason why we don’t know much about him. He is just excessively secretive.

Justin Siegel Wiki

We know that Justin Siegel will celebrate his 37th birth anniversary in August 2018. He was born on the 25th day of the month in 1981 and was brought up in Florida’s southernmost city in Palm Beach County – Boca Raton.

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We also know that Siegle is a music executive and a co-founder of JNJ Mobile – an organisation that operates a mobile community which allows users to make friends, stay in touch, play games and share the experience. The organisation which was founded in 2005 is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Justin Siegal has an MA in French Literature which he obtained in 1996 from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Prior to that, he received a BA in Sociology from the institution. That was in 1993. It is also known that he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

Before Siegal co-founded JNJ Mobile, he was a journalist. While he served as an ABC News affiliate, he also worked as a producer and television writer for the foreign desk of NBC News Channel.

Beyond JNJ Mobile which Justin Siegel co-founded in 2005, and is serving as its Chief Executive Officer, He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of ATX Angel, LLC. More to that, he has been serving as a Partner at Capital Factory since September 2014.

Mr Siegel’s profile in Bloomberg linked him to many establishments. While it was specified that he has mobile entertainment experience, it was divulged that he was once the Vice President of SkyZone Entertainment and detailed that he led the SkyZone’s product strategy, and oversaw the production and development of SkyZone’s products including Duke Nukem Mobile 3D, Brine Lacrosse, The Crocodile Hunter: Operation Rescue, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Donovan McNabb Street Action.

Prior to his accomplishments with SkyZone, he was the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of JSmart Technologies. that he will always be acknowledged for developing and managing important relationships with big wireless and entertainment industry at JSmart. Some of the companies he worked with include Sony Ericsson, AT&T Wireless, Nokia, Verizon Wireless,  et cetera.  

In addition to the foregoing, Siegal is a TechStars Mentor. Similarly, he is an Advisor to Boston Seed Capital. The Music executive is often described as an entrepreneur and investor.

Justin Siegel Net Worth

Though one would find different figures quoted as an estimate of Justin Siegel’s net worth, none of the estimates can be substantiated as they are all guesswork.

While it’s easy to find that Siegel’s net worth is $10 million, it has also circulated that the worth of his riches is lesser than that. The value of Justin Siegel’s wealth is best known to him.

Justin Siegel  Girlfriend, Married

Siegel was once married to an American actress and singer-songwriter, Emmy Rossum. He secretly married her in 2008 and the marriage crashed in 2010.

Justin hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone since he parted ways with Emmy. It has commonly been assumed that he has no girlfriend and isn’t married. But then, no one can really tell. He was married to Emmy and nobody knew until the marriage collapsed.

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Justin Siegel Relationship With Emmy Rossum

Siegal married Emmy Rossum on the 17th day of February 2008. However, they made the public believe they were just lovers in a relationship.

Thus, it was a big shock when it emerged that Siegel is set to divorce Emmy. He formally asked for the dissolution of the marriage due to irreconcilable differences on September 25, 2009. Filing for the divorce, he asked for spousal support. The request was denied when the divorce was finalized on 28th December 2010.

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