Kai Greene – Bio, Height, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Weight, Is He Gay?

Kai Greene's Net Worth as of May 2024 is $1.6 Million

Quick Facts of Kai Greene

Net Worth$1.6 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 8 in
Date of Birth12 July, 1975
Social Media Instagram   Twitter   Facebook   Tiktok   Youtube

One of the most fascinating things about the human body is the extent to which it can adapt physically to extreme bodybuilding/exercises over time. This is most noticeable when you take a look at professional bodybuilders who from time immemorial dedicated their lives to ripping their body parts beyond the limits of what is permissible for most ordinary people.

One such person who has achieved this feat and has equally distinguished himself amongst other athletes is Kai Greene.

Kai is a professional bodybuilder well known for his emergence as an Arnold Classic winner in 2009, 2010, and 2016. He is also a familiar face in the Mr. Olympia competition in which he has come second place several times in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Indeed, Kai Greene has achieved a lot more in his life beyond what these opening sentences can carry. Therefore, in the paragraphs that follow below, we are going to tell you all that we know about the professional bodybuilder and how he came to be where he is today.

What happened to Kai Greene?

Kai Greene has posted an emotional video in which he has said that he won’t be able to complete for Mr. Olpympia as he was banned from competition. But, his video got viral as it reached 1 million views in just 24 hours.

Kai Greene – Bio, Age

Kai Greene, popularly known as The Predator or Mr. Getting It Done – by those that are familiar with him in the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) – has his birth name as Leslie Kai Greene. He was born on the 12th day of July 1975 in Brooklyn, New York.

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Growing up, he had a difficult childhood and by the time he was 6 years old, Kia was orphaned and was subsequently raised in foster homes for the next 10 years of his life.

At around this time, the kid was experiencing a rapid physical growth ahead of his peers and this soon got the attention of people. His 7th grade English teacher, in particular, took interest in him and introduced the future champ to bodybuilding.

This provided an escape route from the numerous troubles he was getting himself involved in and having a great physique for the sports, Kai Greene fell deeper in love with bodybuilding.

Mr. Getting It Done began competing as a bodybuilder in his teens and has not looked back since then. He dominated every competition he entered as a teen and by the age of 19, he earned his Pro Card from the Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

With this early success, Kai got more determined than ever to pursue his career as a bodybuilder to the zenith. He won the 1996 WNBF Pro Natural Worlds and launched forth to compete in the National Physique Committee (NPC).

Kai won the 1999 NPC Team Universe after which he stepped away from the sports for five years. His comeback was remarkable in 2004 with his win in the 2004 NPC Team Universe. With this win, Leslie proceeded to compete as an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Kai Greene came 1st in the 2011 New York Pro Championship and 3rd-place finish at Mr. Olympia both in 2011. Following this, he competed solely in the 2012 Mr. Olympia and came 2nd.

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He repeated the same feat in the 2013 and 2014 competitions. Before this time, he had won the 2009 and 2010 Arnold Classic and in 2016 he won the competition for the 3rd time.

Aside from bodybuilding, The Predator has done other things in the past like working and featuring on-screen productions such as  Overkill and Redemption.

He also has a supplement brand called Dynamik Muscle which he launched in 2015 and in May of the following year, he kicked off his training program called The 5P. Beginning in November 2015, the bodybuilding champ and fitness model Krystal Lavenne co-hosts a podcast titled Generation.

Kai Greene also has some credit as an actor. He featured in the 2015 comedy film titled College Debts as a stripper. He was equally seen in the 2018 Chinese martial arts film Crazy Fist and a couple of other works.

Aside from acting, Greene is a visual artist who has designed some spectacular works. He disclosed that he makes the artworks to help him maintain his ideal physique. In August 2011, he had an exhibit of some of these works.

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Why was Kai Greene Banned from the IFBB Olympia 2015?

Lobliner has said that Kai Greene had no knowledge about the pans and ideas of Lee Thompson in order to launch NPC Globals and is not pleased with the media that resulted.

Who Is Kai Greene’s Wife Or Is He Gay?

In the past, Kai dated several women as some reports have it. However, it is his relationship with Dayana Cadeau which got the most attention.

Kia first met her at the Jan Tana Classic bodybuilding contest in 1998 and admired her greatly. However, it was only in 2007 after they met again that something serious sparked off between them.

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The duo began dating in October of the same year and have been together since then – though they are not yet husband and wife.

In the past, Greene was rumored to be gay but Dayana objected in defense of her man stating it categorically that the rumors of the bodybuilder being gay was only a fabrication of rumor mongers.

Why did Kai Greene never win Mr. Olympia?

Kai Greene has competed in Arnold Classic and also won in 2016 but since then he never got an offer to compete for Mr. Olympia. He has got one special offer to compete in 2017, but Kai has declined that offer.

What is the Net Worth of Kai Greene?

Not only has Kai Greene won a couple of bodybuilding tournaments, Mr. Getting It Done has equally been well rewarded for the extent he has gone in having the quintessential physique of a pro-bodybuilder.

In most lists of the richest professional bodybuilders, Kai readily secures a spot with his net worth estimate of $1.6 million as of 2022.

Is Kai Greene active on Instagram?

A famous Bodybuilder Kai Greene is very much active and famous on Instagram as his Instagram account has over 7 million followers.

Kai Greene’s Height & Weight

Kai Greene stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 m and weighs between 250 to 285 lb when he is competing in a season and between 290-310 lb when he is offseason.

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