Karina Irby – Bio, Age, Height, Facts About The Instagram Queen and Fashion Designer

Karina Irby's Net Worth as of February 2024 is $1.5 Million

Quick Facts of Karina Irby

Net Worth$1.5 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 6 in
Date of Birth2 September, 1989
ProfessionMedia Personalities

For most people, weight loss to achieve a slimmer physique is the ideal fitness goal which they can trade anything to have. However, this does not apply to everyone and one such person is Australian Instagram model and fashion designer Karina Irby.

Karina woke up on the morning of March 13, 2019, and got reminded by Facebook how she used to look 9 years ago. She revealed in an Instagram before and after photo, she uploaded shortly that she was shocked to see how “tiny” she used to be.

However, as she was maturing, her body was putting on more weight and curves. Today, Karina is not only delighted with her new appearance but is in love with her prominent boobs, hips, and thighs and most of her fans couldn’t agree less that she looks way better now than in the past.

Why is Karina Irby Famous?

A fashion designer, model and entrepreneur is famous for being the owner of swimwear brand called “Moana Bikini”.

Karina Irby’s Bio and Age

Karina Irby was born in Honolulu Hawaii on the 2nd day of September 1989 under the Scorpio zodiac sign. She was born as an only child to her parents and there’s still very little info on the same as her childhood life, education, and the likes.

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However, Karina grew to become an entrepreneur, model, and fashion designer who has a commanding influence on social media.

Unlike most other Instagram queens/celebrities, her businesses: Moana Bikini and Bikini Body Burn, actually came first before her massive social media following.

Karina got started by posting personal pictures of her Moana Bikini designs on social media which attracted followers to her page on Instagram. This translated into more business for the fashion designer and she kept growing to meet more demands.

Unlike what is obtainable with most fashion designers both upcoming and experienced ones, Karina Irby taught herself how to design her bikini wears by watching YouTube videos.

She thereafter started her first business Moana Bikini in 2011 and after some time and through this thriving business, she launched her Bikini Body Burn which is a fitness and nutrition guide.

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Both businesses have been resounding successes for the Instagram queen cum fashion designer. Her one-of-a-kind weight gain story has also drawn lots of attention to her which is giving both of her businesses much-needed publicity.

Karina Irby’s Net Worth

A famous model, entrepreneur, and fashion designer Karina Irby has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022. She earns a good amount of money from her swimwear brand called “Moana Bikini”.

Karina Irby’s Body Measurements, Height, and Weight

As a teenager, Karina Irby weighed about 54kg which she was able to achieve/maintain by putting a lot of pressure on herself on what to eat and what not to eat.

However, as she got older, her body accumulated weight which became prominent in her curvy hip, thighs, and of course her boobs. The difference in weight was 10kg which brought her present weight to 64kg.

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Since then and after sharing her weight gain story on Instagram, the fashion designer hasn’t been less happy; mentally and physically. In fact, she advocates for people, especially ladies to stop being hard on themselves and embrace who they are.

For her other body measurements, she has a bust size of 35 inches or 88cm, waist size of 26 inches or 66cm, and hips of size 43icnhes or 109cm.

Karina Irby wears a bra size of 40C (US) or 90C (EU). Her height is 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67m while her body weight is between 64 and 70kg (141 and 154lbs).

Other Facts About The Instagram Queen, and Fashion Designer


Karina Irby is in a relationship with Ryan Jones. They met in 2014 in a coffee shop at Burleigh Heads, a suburb on Gold Coast, Australia.

The couple reportedly lives together in Currumbin, Queensland, Australia. On her Facebook page, a post she made indicated that they got engaged on 21st February 2018.

Source: Daily Star

From what we know about Ryan, he is from Maitland, New South Wales, and studied and earned his Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at Griffith University, South East Queensland on the east coast of Australia.

Before working at Moana Bikini, he worked as a marketing manager at Morrison Media, Managing Editor at Surfing Life Magazine, and Brand Manager at JR Surfboards.

Social Media Presence

Karina can be found on Instagram with the handle @karinairby, on Twitter @KARINA_IRBY while her Facebook page and YouTube channel are both eponymously named Karina Irby.

You can see more photos of her bikini wears at @moana_bikini and that of her workout guides, meals plans, and use of resistance band @bikini.body.burn both on Instagram.

Karina’s Pets

Karina Irby has 3 pets, 2 Chihuahua dog breeds named Billie and Barnie, and a Cockatiel bird named Charlie.

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