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Gesturing at a green wall is not a thing that just actors do, weather reporters who can also be called meteorologist have to also act in front of a blank screen when giving reports on the weather. Doing the job of a weather reporter means that you have to be convincing and learn to follow cues. Kate Bilo is a meteorologist who has under her belt a wealth of experience. All the experience she has garnered in her time on the job have made her into a well-recognized face in the world of weather reporting.

Kate Bilo – Biography, Age

Kate Bilo was born and raised in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania on the 20th of June, 1986. Information about her parents is sparse, but it is known that her mother died of lung cancer in 2009, while her father had to get a quadruple bypass in 2018. She has not revealed their names yet.

Her formal education took place at the local school, Phoenixville Area Middle School and Phoenix Area High School. Kate Bilo is a double degree holder, her first degree is from Penn State University and it is a degree in Spanish and International Business. Three years after her first degree was gotten she decided to get a second one, this time it was from Mississippi State University and in Geosciences/Meteorology.


Kate Bilo had always been fascinated by weather events and meteorology, even as a child. This fascination was most likely the reason she chose to take a second degree in geoscience. The first job Kate Bilo took that has led her down this path of meteorology was at AccuWeather. She started working while she was still a student and she has said that her initial reason for taking the job was so that she could pay off her student loans which she had accumulated by taking a second degree.

Bilo worked at AccuWeather for five years. Her next place of employment was at Bloomberg Television, while there she excelled at her job but her time at Bloomberg was short, in less than a year she was on her way to a new station. CBS 3 Eye Witness News was the next place she worked at, but her duties were not limited to just weather reporting. Kate Bilo also had to work as a host on the station’s award-winning show, The Talk. She currently holds the highest position available to the meteorologists on the station and this is the position of the chief meteorologist.

Kate Bilo’s Salary

In CBS the annual salary of a weather reporter falls within the range of $70, 000 and $79,000. Bilo currently holds the highest position a meteorologist can have at CBS, so it is expected that her salary should be closer to $79,000 than it is to $70,000.

Her Family: Husband and Kids

This weather reporter is married to Scott Eby. Both of them met on the day she began working at AccuWeather and they both felt an instant connection to one another. Scott Eby is a software engineer who also worked at the station. The couple dated for a while before deciding to get married on the 31st day of August 2007. They now have three children; their first two children are boys while the last child who was born in May 2017 is their only daughter, Solenna.

Other Facts About Kate Bilo

1. As earlier mentioned, Bilo’s mother died of lung cancer in 2009. In 2017 Bilo had complications with her lungs as well. She had started to feel a dull ache in her sides on a Friday and after the painkillers she took did not work; she decided to visit the hospital the next day. Upon getting there she was told that she had blood clots in her lungs, as soon as it was noticed her doctor started to decongest her chest by giving her anticoagulation treatment. By the end of the weekend, she was out of the hospital.

2. On the 9th of July in 2015 Kate Bilo had to announce a tornado and to do so she had to interrupt the broadcast of a show. The show which she interrupted was Big Brother and this led to her getting a backlash from fans and viewers of the show.

3. Kate Bilo is known to be a lover of books. She has said that after the weather her next favorite thing is books.

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