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Although it is easier said than done, following one’s dream is one of the most important things everyone wishes to accomplish. While it is true that people are usually confronted by challenges and opposite in their bid to reach their goal, we certainly know a lot of them who finally made headway and later become successful in life. This fact perfectly describes the story of Kate Stoltz, a hard-working young woman who gave up a whole lot just to pursue her dreams. Today, she is being celebrated across the world for her impact in the fashion industry and benevolent acts.

Kate is one celebrity whose journey to stardom is quite interesting, the reason being that she didn’t allow her background to stop her from achieving her childhood dreams. Let’s get to meet her.

Kate Stoltz – Bio

Kate Stoltz is a television personality, humanitarian, fashion designer, and model born in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, on 21st September 1991. Born Kate Stoltzfus into an Amish family (a group of traditionalist Christians who wear plain dresses, live in simple houses and are reluctant to pick up many conveniences of modern technology), her father is a bishop and she is the fourth child in a family of seven.

Kate was raised up as a farmer and tailor for her family as part of the Amish lifestyle. Things changed in the year 2012 when she moved to New York to feature in the reality show, Breaking Amish. The work documented the lives of several Mennonite and Amish starlets who relocated to New York to have their first taste of modern life.

Stoltz has always been passionate about modeling and fashion designing right from childhood. Riding on her fast-rising career in the entertainment industry, she pushed her way through the modeling industry and was subsequently signed by Major Model Management. Since then, she has taken part in several shoots for magazines such as Maxim. Kate has also promoted designs by Cesar Galindo at the New York Fashion Week.

Although the model’s career has been growing so fast, she once admitted in an interview that she is aware her parents are not happy with her career choice, as it breaks the rules of the Amish faith.

Stoltz who has gradually settled into modern society has been doing great as a fashion designer as well. She has her own fashion label (Kate Stoltz) which was launched in 2015. This was made possible as a result of the sewing skills she received in the Amish community.

Currently, she is the CEO of Developing Faces, a non-profit organization. The fashion designer also serves as a volunteer at MCC and Food Bank, where she renders help to the needy.

Net Worth

As a hard-working model and entrepreneur, it is believed that Kate makes hundrеdѕ оf thоuѕаndѕ frоm sources of income. Right now, her net worth and аnnuаl еаrnіngѕ аrе yet tо be publicized but we believe she has a befitting net worth.

Boyfriend Or Husband, Is She Married?

As regards her personal life, Kate has managed to maintain a low profile on her dating life. Although she is not the type that often hangs around people of the opposite gender, the Breaking Amish star has been linked to one surgeon called Dr. Robert Morin.

It was gathered that Dr. Robert is the founder of the non-profit organization Developing Faces and the person that also carried out a nose job on Stoltz. However, neither the surgeon nor the fashion designer has confirmed or denied the rumor.

Other Facts About Kate Stoltz

1. In addition to Breaking Amish, Kate Stoltz has also appeared in Return To Amish which was produced in 2014 and aired on TLC.

2. Kate Stoltz holds an Associates Degree in Fashion Design which she obtained from the Manhattan, New York-based institution, Fashion Institute of Technology.

3. She is currently based in New York.

4. Her fashion line mainly takes care of women’s wear with a focus on quality and detail.

5. Sometime in 2014, the television personality emerged the winner of the Demiurge Award for her art and project as a fast-rising fashion designer in New York City.

6. Severally, Stoltz and her team have visited Guatemala (a country in Central America) to render help to people suffering from facial abnormalities. According to records, Developing Faces spends time in the country every year.

7. Kate is a social media influencer. She is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, where she uploads her modeling pictures and selfies for her fans.

8. She was once arrested for a DUI before fame, according to reports. She admitted this during the filming of Breaking Amish.

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