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Whether she is kissing a girl and liking it or partying Last Friday Night, Katy Perry in all her forms and moods has become quite a likable and quirky story to tell. Her success was so sudden one could mistake her for an overnight success, but there are unmistakably various stages of Katy Perry’s life and success as a whole.

Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, the singer/songwriter was raised and brought up by her parents Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson. Newsflash, they were both Pentecostal pastors and brought her up in the Christian faith, in fact Katy was a gospel artist under the Red Hill records, the first record label that signed her, needless to say that album disappeared before we could say The One That Got Away.

 We have heard her alleged ‘good girl gone bad’ type of story, so lets drop that and have a look at the people who important roles to play in her life. Using the term, Katy Perry’s boyfriend would be considered a cardinal sin, as the pop singer has a whole timeline of boyfriends and many a times her songs are about them, let us delve into that.

Katy Perry’s Boyfriends

The year was 2005, the boyfriend was Johny Lewis, popularly known for the part he played in Sons of Anarchy. The relationship lasted a year. The actor tragically passed away in September 2012 after falling from a rooftop. He was the inspiration behind her song ‘The One That Got Away’. 

Next on the list was Travie McCoy, the front man of popular band Gym Class Heroes. it was a rocky relationship that came to an end in 2008, Perry’s song ‘Circle The Drain’  from her blockbuster album ‘Teenage Dream’ was inspired by McCoy.

According to Katy, her relationship with Florence+The Machine guitarist, Robert Ackroyd was ‘not even appropriate to label’. They dated briefly during the first half of 2012. Its sad, he did not even get a song.

Between 2012 and 2014, Katy was involved in a whirlwind romance that captured the screens, with John Mayer, and yes he did get a song, at least we can reflect on the happier Katy in her song ‘It Takes Two’. 

She was also rumored to have dated Josh Groban, Baptiste Giabiconi, Robert Pattinson and Diplo. We are still shaky on whether they get a spot on the list as Katy Perry’s boyfriends.

He who presently takes the crown as Katy Perry’s boyfriend is Orlando Bloom, the relationship was made official in March this year. Bloom is an English actor born January 13, 1977, who made his big break playing the part of Legolas in . Since then, he has starred in many Hollywood movies, establishing himself as a leading man in mostly epic and fantasy movies. His ongoing relationship with Perry is under serious surveillance by the masses and the media, with speculation that it may lead to something serious.

Katy Perry’s Ex-husband

There was one who made it off the list as Katy Perry’s boyfriend and had enough impact for her to not only let him put a ring on it but also lead her to the altar and you bet he got a song. Katy and her ex-husband Russell Brand clicked after meeting at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. It was barely a year before wedding bells were ringing and barely 2 years when the marriage ended in divorce. Multiple songs on Perry’s ‘PRISM’ album point towards the failed marriage.

Russell Edward Brand not to be confused with Russell Brands, is of British descent and is somewhat a jack of all trades when it comes to entertainment. He is a comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. He started his career as a stand up comedian an transitioned to an MTV presenter, that led to his acting career appearing in movies like ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and even doing voice overs for animations like ‘Despicable Me‘.  Presently Brand is concentrating on his talk-show, ‘The Trews‘ and his activism.

Meet Katy Perry’s Parents

The parents of the famous pop singer have been Christian ministers for 25 years and are the founders of the Hudson ministries. Keith and Mary were born a mere 6 months apart, with Keith being born on June 13, 1947 and his wife on December 16, 1947.

It’s also quite interesting that both their parents were of European descent. In 1980 they started a church in Santa Barbara, California. By the late 80’s they became travelling evangelists and now they travel around USA and the world preaching.

They are both published authors, Mary had her beginnings writing for Charisma and Christianity today, she also authored “Joyful Parent = Happy Home” and “Smart Bombs: Tearing Down Strongholds With The Explosive Word of God”.

Keith is the author of two books, “Looking and Seeing: See Them With Your Heart Not With Your Eyes” and “The Cry: The Desperate Prayer that Opens the Heart of God’. Despite their strong conviction and values they maintain a good relationship with their daughter Katy as well as their other children David and Angela Hudson.

Meet The Siblings

Katy Perry has two siblings; Angela Hudson born December 7, 1982 and David Hudson born in 1986. Katy is the middle child. The siblings are all musically inclined, Katy grew up imitating her sister and that led to her getting a voice coaching. In a way she owes her musical inclination to Angela. On May 5, 2012, Angela tied the knot with Svend Lerche, their union is blessed with a baby girl on February 26, 2014. Needless to say, that marriage is far from being broken.

David Hudson, the younger brother and youngest child is presently a songwriter, he found his unique musical sound and style when he was in the mid west and he moved back there when he was 17. His album, ‘The Revolution’ was released on August 27, 2013 and his stage name is Hudson.

Katy Perry’s House – Clashing With Nuns

It’s no joke that celebrities live in style and Katy Perry is no exception. Nevertheless her acquisition of her $18 million home was not a walk in the park. The property was formerly a Roman Catholic convent and the nuns in charge did not approve of Perry as its new owner because according to them, she stands for everything they stand against.

Katy even went as far as staging a private performance for them, but they were unperturbed, she probably should have learnt the lyrics of ‘O happy day’ instead of reading the words from her phone. The nuns even prefer that the property becomes a hotel instead of a home. The star got her lucky break when a judge invalidated the property sale to the other buyer.

Now we know a little more about Katy Perry, what she has, what she is doing, who she is doing and the people who were along for the ride.

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