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Music has always been phenomenal, so much that man cannot really unravel it all. It soothes the soul, can be a force to unite opposing sides and even make the worst of enemies become best friends. In the past few centuries, music has provided an avenue for people to earn a living and musicians have turned into high-profile personalities who are being celebrated across their countries, continents and the world at large. Music is also so flexible that one can create and popularise a certain genre almost by oneself, so today, there are several genres of music and each of them has several artists trying to push it out to the world. One of these artists is Kel Smooth.

Kel Smooth is an American musician who specializes in the genre of music called rap and he also writes songs. Although he may not be as popular as some famous rappers who we have come to know and celebrate, he sure has worked so hard to get to the level of success he has currently attained.

Kel Smooth’s Biography

Kel Smooth was born as Mekel Goulbourne in Brooklyn, New York, on April 11th, 1997. He was raised in Queens but would later move with his family to Upstate New York.

Very little is known about his life before stardom as he keeps it under wrap. He was, however, said to be a sportsman while in high school. He played football and ran track in school and was good at it, thus, most of his friends were surprised when he ditched that for music. Many probably thought he would end up in the sporting world but that was not the case as Smooth had other plans for the future.

Even when he dropped his first track which was a remixed version of and ‘Burn’, some of his friends still felt that he made a wrong decision by dropping sports for music, while others acknowledged that he’s good.

He would later release his official project, an EP named Road to Glory, featuring Trell. This project came after several of his singles hit the airwaves across the country in 2017. One of these singles was the “All Night” which became a major hit across many musical websites and platforms.

His style of music and rapping has been said to be very similar to that of . Most people who hear him for the first time are often convinced it’s Khalifa on the mic. He is currently an independent artist hoping to get a record label soon. Below is every other thing you need to know about the rapper.

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Other Facts You Need To Know About Kel Smooth

  • Social Media Presence

The young American makes use of social media a lot. Being a rapper, he uses these platforms to get to his fans and share his latest music. As of the time this article was last updated, he has over sixteen thousand followers on his Twitter handle (@1kelsmooth). He also boasts over seven thousand likes on Facebook @KelSmoothMusic. On his Instagram, he has amassed a following of over eleven thousand followers (@1kelsmooth).

  • How Much Is Kel Smooth Worth?

It has been proven that most of Kel’s money comes from his career as a rapper but what is not yet certain and has not been confirmed is how much he earns or makes from his music on different platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify and how much he is currently worth. Although some sites have varying figures as his net worth, ranging from one million to six million dollars, is yet to confirm these figures as at the time of putting this piece together and as soon as we do, it would be updated.

  • Relationship

Kel Smooth is very secretive when it comes to revealing details about his family and personal life. The same way he has been discreet about his background and early life, he has also extended it to his private life. What we, however, know at the moment is that he is not married but whether he is currently in a relationship or has a child, is not specified by the rapper.

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