Kellin Quinn Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Family, And Other Facts

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Kellin Quinn is both a musician and an entrepreneur who has a clothing line that is well patronized. Apart from his blossoming musical career, not much has been shared about this superstar, but we have managed to dig something up. Here, is all there is to know about his family, career and other facts about Kellin.

Kellin Quinn’s Bio (Age) and Career Growth

Kellin whose full name is Kellin Quinn Bostwick was born on the 24th of April 1986 in Medford City, Oregon of the United States of America. He is of American Nationality and of North American ethnicity. Kellin’s parents are Mary and Jeuse Bostwick, mother and father respectively. They had other kids in the family which included Quinn and Kailey (sisters) and Deveraux and Hudson Quinn (brothers).

Unlike the success and wealth he currently enjoys now, Kellin Quinn’s childhood wasn’t a rosy one as his parents got divorced when he was just three years into his earthly life, and three days prior to his fourth birthday, his dad abandoned him and exists only in his infanthood memories. Music, however, filled this vacuum created by the absence of his parents.

As a kid, he started by playing in his school band and wrote his own songs which were majorly about his father who abandoned him. This continued for some time till he and his friends decided to a form a musical band which they named “Closer to Closure”. After this time, he also was a member of a couple of bands that formed at that time namely “Our Name in Citylights”, “For All We Know”, and “Screenplay”. By 2009, he became one of the founding members of the band “Sleeping with Sirens” as its lead vocalist and keyboardist. The band recorded its debut album and released it on the 23rd of March 2010 and titled it With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear. Other albums like Let’s Cheer to This, Madness and Feel also came from them. Other members of the band were Gabe Barham, Justin Hills, and Jack Fowler.

Kellin’s beautiful voice and gifted hands as a keyboardist have contributed hugely to the success of the “Sleeping with Sirens” band. Very many of their songs found comfortable spots in the US 200, Hard Rock, Indie, and Heat list at the various times they were released. Kellin has certainly enjoyed immense success with his band and still being young, it is expected that some more laurels will come his way.

Family – Wife, Daughter

Kellin is a married man and a happy one at that. He got married to Katelynne Quinn who was formerly his girlfriend. The two tied the knot as husband and wife in 2013 and have been together since then. Katelynne had a daughter for Kellin named Copeland and plays the role of step-mum to Kellin’s two older kids; Liam and Rowan who are both boys.


Height and Other Facts about Him.

Standing at 6 feet 1 inches, Kellin Quinn is certainly not a short man. His body weight is about 75kg which can be said to be ideal considering how tall he already is.

The musician is remarkable and loved by a lot of ladies and even some men for his dark brown hair color and its unique yet lovable pattern. His eyes are without a doubt charming, having a hazel color. Kellin is one musician who can be said to be “beautiful” in many ways. His voice is melodic, he is good with musical instruments and at the same time pleasing to look at.

Childhood: As a child when he was in school, Kellin played the trumpet and was very good at it.

Tattoos: He loves tattoos a lot and has got a good number of them inked on his skin for different reasons.

Net Worth: Kellin has earned handsomely from his music career and is living a luxurious life. His net worth has been reported to be around $2 million.

Fashion: Most people know this Oregon native as a musician but a lot more don’t know he owns a clothing line called “Anthem Made.”

Kellin Quinn has been involved in a lot of rumors that have attempted to smear his image. At a time he was accused in a rumor to be charging money for allowing fans to take pictures with him, but it came out to be false and the rumor died a natural death. This, however, didn’t deter rumor mongers from insinuating again that he was to leave the “Sleeping with the Sirens” band in 2012 but this too turned out to be false as he is still part of the band till today. The greatest of all would probably be the one about his death in a car accident, but as we know, Kellin Quinn is still alive till today.

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