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Kento Yamazaki is a popular Japanese actor and model, who has starred in numerous movies, TV shows, drama series, commercials, and magazine. His role as L in the popular TV drama series, Death Note brought about a huge public recognition in the industry. He can also be seen in other popular TV series such as Mare and Water Polo Yankees.

His outstanding performances have earned him 3 prestigious awards namely, the 39th Japan Academy Prize under the category Newcomer of the Year, for his role in Orange and Heroine Shikkaku; the 2018 award for Best actor by the 98th Television Drama Academy, for his role in Good Doctor; and Asian Newcomer of The Year Award given by Beijing IQiyi Scream Night Award, for his role in Good Doctor, Kiss That Kills.

Here is all you need to know about this Asain actor’s biography, movies, and TV shows.

Kento Yamazaki – Biography

The sensational Japanese actor, as well as model who is known for his good looks, was born on the 7th day of September 1994, under the birth sign Virgo in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan. His parents are said to be from the middle class and they struggled to afford basic necessities for him and his older brother.

Though nothing much was revealed of his education, it was however gathered that the Kento Yamazaki completed his high school education in his home town and he is said to have stumbled into the modeling arena during his Junior High School days. His modeling career took him to various parts of the country and he is known to have modeled for Pichi Lemon Magazine from 2007 till 2011.

His Movies & TV Shows

Whilst enjoying his modeling ride, he realized his talent and passion for acting and in 2010, Kento Yamazaki made his debut as an actor in the drama sitcom Atami no Sousakan where he acted as a bizarre high school student. Later in the same year, he starred in Clone Baby, where he took on the role of a Hacker.

As his progress in the acting field continued, he ventured into movies in 2011 and his first movie appearance was in Control Tower, where he took on the lead role and showcased his talents of singing and playing the guitar. With this movie he was recognized and well received in the industry, Control Tower did not only bring Kento Yamazaki into the limelight but also opened doors for more acting opportunities.

So far, Kento Yamazaki has starred and took on lead roles in countless TV drama series and movies. Some of his drama series includes: the 2011 Runaways: For Your Love in which he was cast as Panda, Miss Double Faced Teacher in 2012 appearing as Shunsuke Yasuda, No Dropping Out: Back To School at 35 in 2013 as the character Ryo Akutsu, the hit series Water Polo Yankees in 2014 and the popular Death Note in which he took on one of the lead roles as an extremely intelligent young man who has a relationship with the god of death. This movie also added to his fame and success in the industry and in the same year 2015, he appeared on the drama series, Mare.

The brilliant actor also took on the lead role in popular series Good Doctor in 2017 which was the first film in which Kento Yamazaki took on a medical role and it received positive responses from viewers. He also landed the lead roles in the 2018 film A Forest of Wool and Steel, Kingdom and Ni no Kuni released in 2019. More so, he is to appear as the lead character in the 2020 film Watakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku.

Other Facts About Kento Yamazaki

Here are some interesting facts about the sexy model, charming and sensational actor Yamazaki:

1. One interesting fact about this sensational actor was that he grew up with a penchant for soccer and still remains a huge fan of the game. He even hoped to become a professional soccer player and after retiring from soccer, he would become a coach.

2. The charming model cum actor is beardless and although he sees having beards as something cool, Kento Yamazaki revealed that his beards don’t grow and most men count him lucky.

3. Though the actor has a slim fit body frame, his appetite for food is very huge as he revealed that he loves to eat a lot and eating gives him so much joy.

4. Another interesting fact to know about this handsome and talented actor is his on and off relationship with this girlfriend Nikaido Fumi. Though Kento keeps his information regarding his relationship private, his unstable relationship with the actress Nikaido Fumi has managed to keep resurfacing.

5. Kento Yamazaki has also revealed in an interview that he is a huge fan of comic Mangas and he owns various collections of Mangas.

6. Sources have also revealed that Kento loves music and he is skillful at playing the guitar.

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