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There were many unique things about Kevin Peter Hall; the U.S actor who was popular for playing the title character in the first two films in the Predator franchise. One of them is that Hall was so tall that he acted monster roles pretty well. Besides playing the title character in the first two films in the Predator series, Hall also starred in the Prophecy, Without Warning, Misfits of Science and Harry and the Hendersons.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see more of the terrific actor as he died in 1991 at the age of thirty-five; how tall was he, the cause of his death, net worth at the time of his death and more. Find answers to the above questions and more below.

Brief Bio

Hall was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Charles and Sylvia Hall on May 9, 1955. His parents were above average height and so were his siblings too- all standing at over 6 ft 5 in. Kevin Peter remained the tallest of them all.

Kevin Peter Hall attended Penn Hills High School, where he played basketball. After high school, he attended George Washington University, Washington, DC, where he majored in Theatrical Arts and also played college basketball. Upon graduating from the university, Hall moved over to Venezuela where he played professional basketball but after a year, he lost interest in the game and moved to Los Angeles, California, where he launched his acting career.


Hall made his acting debut in 1979 in the horror film Prophecy as Katahdin and due to his height, he was always cast as a monster or alien. In 1980, he played the Alien in the horror film Without Warning and in 1982, he appeared as Gorvil in the TV film Mazes and Monsters.

He co-starred in superhero fantasy series Misfits of Science which aired on NBC from October 1985 to February 1986. He also appeared on the sitcom Night Court playing a huge gentle mental patient who humorously towered over bailiff Bull Shannon (Richard Moll) and another mentally sick guy played by James Cromwell.

The following year, Kevin Peter Hall again played the monster in Monster in the Closet, and Harry and the Hendersons. In  1986, he landed the role of The Predator/helicopter pilot in the science fiction horror film Predator alongside . Hall’s role was initially taken by but the producers decided to replace him with Hall and recast after they were not so pleased with Van Damme performances in the first few scenes. He reprised the role in the 1990 sequel, this time alongside and

Kevin’s performance in the Predator earned him a role in the 1988 comedy film Big Top Pee-wee and a guest spot on Star Trek: The Next Generation; Hall was considered for the role Geordi La Forge before it eventually went to .

From 1989 to 1990, Hall played Warren Merriwether recurringly on the sitcom 227; In that same year, he reprised the character Harry in the TV series Harry and the Hendersons.

Net Worth

There is no information about how much the actor was worth at the time of his death. Nevertheless, considering that he was the actor behind so many horror characters in movies of his time, there is no doubt that Kevin Peter Hall must have lived in comfort.

Kevin Peter Hall‘s Height

Hall was the tallest of seven brothers who all stood at all over 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m). He was 7 ft 2 inches tall, that is (2.18 m). His parents were also above average; his dad Charles was 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) and his mom was Sylvia was 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m). It could call it a family of semi “giants” and you wouldn’t be totally wrong.

Was He Gay or Did He Have a Wife?

Learning that the actor died of AIDS have always prompted people to ask if he was gay; well, not because straight people are not prone to be infected with the virus but because gay people are mostly at a higher risk of contracting it. Kevin Peter Hall was not gay; he actually had a wife before his death.

While guest starring on the TV series 227, the actor met actress Alaina Reed whom he married both on the show and in real life. The couple got married in December 1988; they had barely been together for three years when Kevin passed on. They had two kids together. Reed died in 2009 at age 63, after losing a battle to breast cancer.

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During the filming of the TV series Harry and the Hendersons in 1990, Kevin Peter Hall revealed that he had contracted HIV during a blood transfusion he received after a car accident. He died the following year from AIDS-related pneumonia just a month before his thirty-sixth birthday.

In 2009, Kevin Peter Hall was posthumously inducted into the Penn Hills Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class.

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